Discover Creation: DVD 4


DVD includes 2 lectures:

  • Evolution and John 3:16 – By Dr. Dan Korow
  • The Amazing Human Body – By Dr. Dan Korow


Media Type: DVD

Evolution and John 3:16

By: Dr. Dan Korow

Because of its wide acceptance in our society, it is tempting to blend some form of evolution with biblical Christianity. When that happens, however, there are serious consequences. Join Dr. Dan Korow as he examines how belief in the theory of evolution affects a person’s understanding of God, man, Jesus, death, and the Gospel message.

  • Compare the god of evolution with the God of the Bible.
  • See why a Denmark zoo displayed a human couple alongside the apes.
  • If God used evolution to create, what does that say about His character?
  • What does belief in evolution do to our view of the person of Jesus Christ?
  • How does belief in death before the Fall affect one’s need for a savior?

The Amazing Human Body

By: Dr. Dan Korow

Dr. Dan Korow discusses the extreme complexity and design of the human body and how it shows the loving care and provision of God. Whether through embryonic development, the inner workings of the eye, or the intricacy of the human cell, God’s fingerprints can clearly be seen. You will be amazed, not only by the features God has designed, but also by what they indicate of His character.

  • Discover the most marvelous creation in the universe.
  • See how feedback systems show God’s mercy.
  • Can life come from non-life?
  • What good is an eye without a brain to interpret its images?
  • Why did God design our eyes with a slight tremor?
  • Making proteins requires DNA, yet DNA is required to make proteins.Which came first?

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