Discover Creation Children’s Adventure Teacher’s Manual


The Discover Creation Children's Adventure Teacher's Manual includes the instructions you need to put on a successful, effective VBS program to teach kids about God's Creation.


The teacher’s manual is comprised of the following sections. Click the section to see sample pages.

Getting Started
This section provides all you need in planning, staffing, scheduling and running a successful vbs. We have endeavored to make this material very simple and understandable in order to better help you to teach children about their wonderful Creator.

Promotional Materials
The promotional materials included in your kit will help you get the word out about your program. Space has been included on the fliers and posters for you to add your program information. Other promotional materials are included on the CDROM.

Program Resources
These preparation materials included with your kit will help you in the areas of registration, decoration, and opening/closing song times. Name tags and signs will help enhance the theme while building group identity.

There are 5 lessons included in this program: Creation vs. Evolution, Design, Dinosaurs, The Flood, and Origin of Man. (A supplemental lesson entitled: The Dating Game is found in the Appendix.)These topics are designed to arm children to withstand the challenges of evolution and equip them to stand firmly on the truth of God’s Word.

Each lesson includes main concepts, an outline, lecture text, and references. Experience has shown that these lectures hold the attention of children well, especially when presented in a lively way and with accompanying visuals. Though children in grades K-2 may not remember all the details, they can usually understand the main concepts, especially if the presentation is tailored to include interactive hand motions, additional visual aids, and fewer examples if necessary.

Crafts are a great way to teach children about creation. In addition to being interesting and fun, they help reinforce the truths of the lessons. The crafts included in this kit are inexpensive, easy to teach, and fun to do.

Recreation & Snacks
There are more snack and recreation ideas than you can do in a week’s time. Walking off the actual size of Noah’s Ark, the Bible scavenger hunt, the bone excavation, and the dinosaur egg race are just some of the activities that will let the kids run off some steam as they learn about creation. Once they’ve worked up an appetite, children can build their own animal snack, or have a “flood” in a cup – complete with gummy worms, chocolate pudding, and Oreo® cookies.

Activity Packet
The activity packet is a valuable resource for those “industrious” children who may need more activities to keep them busy. Children will have fun with mazes, word-find puzzles, and pictures to color.

The appendix is provided for additional information regarding geological dating methods and evidence for a young earth. This section, or parts of it, could be used as a separate lesson or to augment existing lessons.

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