Discover Creation Children’s Adventure Music CD


A delightful collection of 14 sing-a-long songs from various artists that reinforce the biblical truths of Creation and Noah's Flood.


This CD is a family favorite and is guaranteed to be played over and over again. It makes a great gift for all those hard-to-buy-for nieces and nephews. Click on a song to hear a sample after the page is fully loaded.

Required Software
The music files provided require the use of software that can play .wav files. Provided below are links to software programs that can play the music files.
  1. All Creatures Great and Small
  2. It Was All Very Good
  3. Who Made the Animals?
  4. Can You Count the Stars?
  5. Who is the King of the Jungle?
  6. Come with Me and We’ll Explore
  7. My Favorite Dinosaur
  8. OH, Noah!
  9. Who Built the Ark?
  10. Forty Days
  11. Volcano Song
  12. Darwin’s Mistake
  13. I’m a K.I.D (Not a Monkey)
  14. I’m So Wonderfully Made


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