What If God Wrote the Bible?

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By Scott Lane

If God wrote the Bible, what kind of evidence would He leave?

Get this book to find out if we have the necessary evidence!


  1. If the Bible is the original creation account, we would expect most origin stories of other cultures to reflect and borrow elements from the original.
  2. Historical – We would expect geology, archaeology, and history to support the Bible.
  3. See God writing history in advance.
  4. See God protecting His words.
  5. Philosophical and logical coherence – The Bible should hang together as if written by one author with central themes running throughout.
  6. We should find prescience in the Bible. Evidence of scientific knowledge in the Bible is thousands of years ahead of man’s discoveries.

This book will take you along the journey to discover whether these pieces of evidence of the Bible being God’s Word exist. It thus will demonstrate that ours is not a blind faith but a faith based upon evidence and sound reason.

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