The New Answers Books 1-4 Set


These 4 Answers Books are great reference guides for you and to give you answers for your friends. Lending or giving these out would be a great way to share answers with those loved ones confused about God, the Bible, or Creation/Evolution.

“I love the Answers Books because they are simple easy to read chapters that cover the main questions that everyone asks.”           -Brian Mariani, AOI Speaker



These four books combined make up the top 130 questions that are commonly asked regarding God, the Bible, Creation, and Evolution. Written by a team of skilled apologists, these books offer answers to many hot topic questions that puzzle both believers and unbelievers alike.

This whole set would be a great present for family or friends that have a lot of questions!

You can also buy each one individually: The New Answers Book 1The New Answers Book 2The New Answers Book 3, and The New Answers Book 4.

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