Global Warming and the Creator’s Plan


“This was a very revealing book and it sure gave me something to think about. I realize the media has its own agenda, but this book helps us to remember that God has a plan and ultimately it is His plan that will prevail. The book was very well-researched and easy to read as well. I recommend it.” — Dave H. from Book Bargains and Reviews


Droughts, floods, hurricanes, cyclones. We constantly hear of extreme weather conditions all over the world. We hear dire warnings like “Flee hurricane Ike, or face certain death, officials warn.” To be politically correct, we must assume that these are a direct result of global warming. However, is this true?

God has a clear plan for this earth and its inhabitants. Although the media would have you believe the earth is doomed due to global warming, the truth is that the earth has always been warming very gradually and that the current warming is insignificant – especially considering the scope of God’s ultimate plan for each and every one of us. Unlock the clues to this contemporary controversy by discovering:

  • Old Testament biblical references from the past
  • Scientific data of the present
  • Biblical prophecy for the future

Contrary to secular media, this book clearly illustrates that the concept of “man induced global warming” is totally unfounded, and that God alone is in control of our destiny. Learn to sift unsupported rumor and alarmist rhetoric from verifiable facts on this hot-button issue with Global Warming and the Creator’s Plan.


Table of Contents:

Forward by Dr. John Morris

  1. A Biblical Basis
  2. Creation and the Initial World Configuration
  3. World Configuration from the Fall of Man to the Global Flood
  4. Present World Configuration and Global Warming
  5. Projected Future of Global Conditions (Global Warming)
  6. Last Days – Scientific and Geopolitical
  7. Millennial Age with the Return of Christ
  8. New Heavens and New Earth
  9. Conclusions

Appendix 1: Interesting Notes on the Calendar We Use Today

Appendix 2: Radiometric Dating



For nearly 20 years, Jay A. Auxt has written articles and periodicals on creation science as studied from a biblical perspective. Global Warming, co-authored with Dr. William A. Curtis III, is his first book. Auxt holds a degree in Electrical Nuclear Power and has worked in environmental investigation for 10 years. He is also an Adjunct Instructor at Antietam Bible College in Maryland.

Dr. William Curtis III has written three books and is founder and president of The Institute for Scientific and Biblical Research. He serves as an adjunct faculty member for Lancaster Bible College in Pennsylvania.



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