Genetic Entropy


Author: Dr. J.C. Sanford



Some praise for Genetic Entropy:

“In Genetic Entropy, Cornell University researcher John Sanford lifts the rug to see what evolutionary theory has swept under it. He shows that, not only does Darwinism not have the answers for how information got into the genome, it doesn’t even have answers for how it could remain there.”  – Dr. Michael Behe, biochemist and author of “Darwin’s Black Box.”

“Dr. Sanford is a highly qualified geneticist from a major university. He has written a tremendous book detailing compelling new genetic evidence that the human genome is deteriorating, and that it has always been deteriorating – ever since its origin. The profound implications of these findings should be obvious to any thoughtful person.  I believe this easy-to-read and wonderfully convincing little volume should be a must-read for concerned people everywhere.” – Dr. Henry Morris, Late President Emeritus, ICR.

“In my opinion, this book deserves to be read by every professional biologist and biology teacher in the world.  To me it has the potential of changing the outlook of the academic world in a profound way.” – Dr. John Baumgardner

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