Biblical Geology 101

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Geology and its corollary of millions of years has been a significant challenge to the biblical timeline since scientists started looking at the rocks. Because of the long scientific names and the many complex phenomena that go along with studying rocks, people can be intimidated by the claims of geology, in general. In this easy-to-read book, we will break down the seemingly complex names and give you real answers to the most significant questions. You will learn how rocks are formed, how they change over time, and how Noah’s Flood impacted the world.

Geology is a fun topic. It is also a biblical topic, because it has so much to tell us about biblical history. In Biblical Geology 101, you will learn that the Bible can be trusted.


While studying geology in college, I was confronted daily with concepts framed in millions of years of geologic time. Sometimes, I had professors introduce a topic by saying, “We knew those creationists were wrong decades ago.” Then, they would mount a case against the Bible and creationists. This was in a conservative college. But conservative or not, students like me, were (and are even more so today) being indoctrinated by anti-Biblical propaganda. For me, it was too easy to buy into that concept since that is all I had ever heard. At that point in my life, I had no inkling of Biblical Creation let alone a Biblical perspective of Geology. Today, the same is true for a high percentage of middle school and high school students or students in virtually any college course – especially those who study physical science or geology.

However, the exciting thing is that there is a Biblical perspective of geology that fits with the scientific data – even better than the long-age perspective. Keep in mind, if those “millions of years” of earth history didn’t exist, and the Biblical time frame is valid, then the “goo-to-you” story of evolution crumbles since it is totally dependent on vast amounts of time.

Biblical Geology 101 is a very easy-to-read resource for you and your family. Learn the key concepts of geology and how rocks are formed without having to wade through a bunch of technical jargon or an antibiblical philosophy. I highly recommend this excellent book. Geology can be fun – especially when you see how it fits with the Flood of Noah’s day. You can trust all of the Bible!

(200 full-color, 8.5 x 11 pages!)

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