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Share the good news of creation as you correspond with friends and family! On the front of each of these hi-gloss, 4.25” x 5.5” greeting cards is featured one of the amazingly designed creatures from the animal kingdom. On the back is a short paragraph highlighting it’s unique features that give glory to God and defy evolutionary explanations.

For example: “A giraffe’s circulatory system is remarkable. Blood pumped from its huge heart could blow the giraffe’s brains apart when it bends down to take a drink of water. However, muscles in the neck act like valves to limit the blood flow. In addition, a spongy mass of material surrounding the brain absorbs the incoming blood so that when it raises its head to escape an approaching lion, the valves and spongy mass of material provide just the right amount of blood so the giraffe doesn’t get dizzy. We have an amazing creator-designer!”

In addition to the giraffe, you’ll share the amazing computation abilities of the bee, the toucan bill’s temperature-regulating system, and the sophisticated wings of the Morpho butterfly – visible by pilots flying thousands of feet in the air! You get three of every design in a pack of twelve total cards, (including envelopes) for $1o + $3 Shipping if you call for the deal! Remember, your purchase helps further the ministry of AOI.


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