My Favorite Scientific Evidences for God!


These are some of my favorite scientific evidences and other arguments for the Truth of God and the Bible. This is simply an overview as we could definitely cover a lot more.

I want to make a quick note here too: if you think that you need God to show Himself to you and you are, like I am, a man or woman of science – then I believe that possibly through stacks of evidence, God will show Himself to you – you might prefer that way of “proving” God rather than God randomly popping in front of you sometime.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected].  -Brian Mariani


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Astronomy – An overview (

See Also:

  1. Naturalism cannot explain the origin, cause, source, and mechanisms for the Big Bang and Inflation.


  1. Naturalism cannot explain Star, Planet, and Moon Formation.


-Bonus Reference: (



  1. Rock Layers are better evidence of a Worldwide Flood than slow accumulation because layers are flat on top of one another – no erosion in between, they are smoothly bent or curved in many places.

 -Reference: This is a generic list of articles –

  1. Fossils: With more than an estimated billion fossils discovered, the transitions between different kinds are still missing. (Ex. 750,000,000 Invertebrates and 500,000 Fish but no links.)

-Reference: (He lists his research in his book, but some of it is in this video:

  1. Soft Tissue in Dinosaur Bones – This is evidence that it is much more reasonable to believe that fossils are a few thousand years old as opposed to millions of years old.


-Bonus Reference:



  1. Origin of Life – Chemistry does not want to start the first cells. Very interesting article:
  2. Mutations and Natural Selection are not enough to correctly change the complex DNA code. (Especially considering Genetic Entropy:



Anthropology & Sociology

  1. The Laws of Logic are an evidence that there is a God.


  1. Morality is Evidence of God. -Reference:

-Bonus Reference:

-Bonus Reference:


  1. The Historicity & Reliability of the Bible – There is evidence that you can trust God and the Bible.


-Bonus Reference:


Bonus:    What is Evidence? Do we need direct evidence for God or is circumstantial evidence enough?

Bonus:        Age of the Earth:


Bonus:        Great synopsis of some great arguments for God:

Bonus:        Have you ever thought about this – “Wouldn’t it be unfair if Jesus is the only way to Heaven?”


Again, let me know what you thought of my favorite scientific evidences and arguments for God and the Bible! Email me at [email protected].


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Why Is This Important?


“If” the first chapters of the Bible are not true, then why believe the rest of it?

“If” the Big Bang and Evolution are true, then…does God really exist?

“If” I am just an evolved animal, does my life have…value? Does it Matter?



These are the big three questions that are ultimately the reason why we do ministry and teach Creation! The Big Stories that we are taught in schools, tv, articles, and everywhere are that the Big Bang and Evolution are proven true, but I believe that they are far from “proven” based in part by some of my favorite evidences listed on this page.


The Big Bang and Evolution are not True!


The Bible is Reliable and Trustworthy even in the first chapters!


And You Are Not Just An Evolved Animal! You Are Created in God’s Own Image!


Don’t believe me?? Then do the research!


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