Redcloud Activities

Ropes Course

Challenge yourself by donning a safety harness and walking a log, crossing various "tight-ropes", speed down a zip-line or swing from a giant swing.. Gets the adrenaline moving! Excellent trained staff and safety precautions make this a safe, but exhilarating, activity. (Minimum age 10 years old.)

Power Pole

Climb to the top of a 20' telephone pole, stand up, and jump for the trapeze. Sound easy? Guaranteed to get your blood moving! Again, scary but safe. (Minimum age - 14 years)


Grab your fishing pole and go for trout at some of the best fishing water in the state. No license is needed for lakes on the property. However, a Colorado license is required for those 15 years or older to fish the river that runs the length of the camp (flies and lures only). This is an "on your own" activity, but Dave Nutting loves company and helping beginners. Ask him for tips! (Equipment not included.)

For an all-day activity, why not drive or hike into one of Colorado's finest fishing lakes or streams? Locals will point you in the right direction — might even fish with you! Beautiful scenery, take the family. We provide the lunch.

Rappelling & Rock Climbing

Experience the thrill of coming down a 130' cliff dangling on the end of a rope. Sound scary? Maybe for some; but it is a safe, confidence-building activity (Minimum age - 8 years). We highly encourage you all to try it! The staff is knowledgeable and experienced.

An all-day training course is also available. Learn from the experienced Camp Redcloud staff during an intensive day of climbing and rapelling. Beginners welcome.

Horseback Riding

Campers 8 years and older can climb on a well-trained Redcloud horse and explore a beautiful wooded trail with your Redcloud wrangler. Beginners welcome. (Times for younger children to ride in the corral or pasture area with proper supervision are available.)

A breakfast trail ride is also available for those who want to join a group of riders for an early morning ride and outdoor breakfast at a sight overlooking the valley. Beautiful! Worth getting up early for!

Riders 14 years and older can go on the all-day "Ride'Em Cowboy Horseback Adventure". Leave from camp, and ride trails through woods and mountain meadows. Picnic lunch stop midway. This long ride is for experienced riders with good endurance.

4-Wheel Drive Trips

All ages are welcome to take a 4-wheel drive vehicle up a winding jeep road above timberline. Visit historic mining camps, marvel at the fantastic views, and enjoy the sights with your experienced driver/guide.

The Silverton Adventure is an all-day trip where campers ride 4-wheel drive vehicles across Cinnamon Pass to the town of Silverton. Participants will behold awesome mountain scenery, old mining towns, and alpine tundra.

Eat lunch and explore the historic town of Silverton and purchase ice cream or souvenirs if you like. Total trip length: 8 hours (6 hours riding time, 2 hours in Silverton.)


Enjoy the spectacular beauty of the area on foot with a Redcloud guide on a trail leaving from the camp. Possible alternatives - Waterfalls Trail, Williams Creek Trail, Forest Trail. Length and difficulty determined by abilities of participants.

Campers 8 years and older can take a guided hike to the top of a 14,000 foot peak. Good trails. Unsurpassed views. A strenuous all-day hike, but worth the effort. Where else can you hike and have a post card view every step of the way? Total hike: 6 - 12 miles, depending on ability of hikers.

Those who are interestd can also find and identify mountain wildflowers. Wildlife is also abundant whether it be wild turkey, deer, elk, birds, butterflies, beaver, or even bear (if you're lucky). Marmots are common so bring your camera!

Mountain Biking

Hop on an 18-speed mountain bike and ride on nearby roads or trails (Minimum age - 6 years or big enough to handle bike safely). Your guide will instruct you on proper use of the bike and gear the trip to participants' abilities. Bikes and helmets provided.

An all-day bike trip is provided for riders 12 years and older. Bikers will be transported by van to the top of Slumgullian Pass and then ride down a dirt/gravel road through beautiful mountain and valley country. Total trip is approximately 36 miles, mostly downhill and level. Support vehicle will carry lunches and pick up stragglers.


Equipment is provided for you and your family to enjoy canoeing at Williams Lake on Camp Redcloud property. Watch the trout swimming around in the crystal clear water!

Night Activities

Paddling across a dark lake with a bunch of other crazy teens (and staying dry) can really be a challenge. If you still have energy at the end of the day, you can run yourself ragged in a game of "Mountain Commando." Night hiking is another option along with a star watch, bonfire, and a special movie night.


Ever play Cowboys and Indians as a kid?  Here is your chance to hone up on your skills with a bow and arrows.  Enjoy this great activity with your family.







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