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Kids Corner


AOI’s children’s programs are fun and educational. PowerPoint presentations, crafts, demonstrations, puppet shows, and hands-on science activities all combine to help children understand the truth of Creation and the problems with evolution.
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Amazing Creatures

Learn how the Sea Anemone and Sea Slug, the Australian Mallee Fowl, and the Bombardier Beetle all display evidences of God's amazing Design.
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Word Searches: Creation Days Word Search – Easy Answers to Creation Days Word Search – Easy Creation Days Word Search – Hard Answers to Creation Days Word Search – Hard Puzzles In the “Biginning” Mazes A-mazing Days of Creation Answers for Kids Think and Believe Too! Newsletter Activities Answers Archive Print & Color Printable coloring pages
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How to Know Your Creator

We hope and pray that through the ministry and work of Alpha Omega Institute you may come to know your Creator.
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What is a Day?

How long is a day? Now this might seem like a silly question; however, some people believe the days of Creation that we read about in the book of Genesis in the Bible are long periods of time, not real, ordinary, 24 hour days. Believing that the millions of years that evolution teaches are true, […]
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We Have a New Location! 2140 Broadway, Unit B-103. Our phone number has not changed: 970-523-9943 / 800-377-1923.