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Camps & Tours

AOI’s Discover Creation Adventures are designed to equip and fortify young people and adults to stand firm in their faith and impact others. Dynamic teaching from science and the Bible provides solid answers to evolutionary challenges and fascinating evidence that affirms the Truth of God’s Word.

“Our best vacation ever! You had something for everyone!”

Join us for one of these exciting “Vacations with a Purpose.” Discover the wonders of God’s creation. See how God’s Word enlightens your understanding of His World. Grow in your faith and learn to share it with others. We look forward to sharing time together with you!


  • Equip yourself with answers
  • Enjoy exciting activities
  • Make great family memories
  • Meet new friends
  • Learn to share your faith with confidence, boldness and gentleness!

Check out these exciting options!

Discover Creation Costa Rica Adventure Tour

March 2017. This Creation tour, offered by Alpha Omega Institute, is not your ordinary “tourist” trip. Not only will you see many popular sights that nobody would want to miss, but you will also hear about and see the wonders of our awesome Creator! You will say, “This is why I came to Costa Rica!” You will be taken off the beaten track to experience the real Costa Rica with its volcanoes, beautiful rainforest environments and birds that many bird watchers long to see. Marvel at tropical mammals, fish, reptiles, and amazing butterflies such as the Blue Morpho that defy evolutionary explanations and point to the amazing wisdom of our Creator!

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Spring Canyon Summer Celebration Colorado Mountain Creation Week

2017 Dates TBA -- Join AOI Speakers for a blessed week in the Rocky Mountains learning about and experiencing God's Creation!

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Creation Action Adventures – Rock & River Adventure

July 3-8, 2017 -- Serious fun and learning for teens (and a few adventuresome adults)! Combo trip whitewater rafting, inflatable kayaks, rock climbing, and hiking. Learn about Creation while experiencing Colorado’s exciting Arkansas River and beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

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Yellowstone Creation Adventure Tour

September 2-6, 2016. See the marvels of Yellowstone in the light of God’s Word with experienced creation teachers. Great for families, singles, and retirees!

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Western Colorado Creation Tours

Dates TBA -- Visit western Colorado’s beautiful gateway to the Canyonlands at Colorado National Monument, learn how to find evidences of creation in the secular Dinosaur Valley Museum, or see Black Canyon of the Gunnison in light of the truths of Genesis. Contact us to arrange a tour for your group.

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Custom Camps & Tours

Take a trip that is perfectly planned for your group! Are you tired of only hearing about the “millions of years” of supposed Earth history at every museum or national park? Learn how all of these sites do have evidence that better fits Global Flood Geology thus confirming the Bible! AOI staff has developed dynamic and educational teaching with a Creation focus to many sites including the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Mt. St. Helens, and many more! Inquire today!

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Camp Registration

We are currently taking reservations for our Creation camps and tours. Remember that space is limited, so consider signing up today!

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  “[This experience] reinforced the true historical account of Genesis…[and] strengthened our foundation in Scripture.

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