Creation Action Boot Camp

                 Rock & River Adventure

                        July 6-11, 2015

          *For teens, youth groups, and families with teens!


An Exciting Way to Learn about

       Creation vs. Evolution


Creation Action Boot Camps are loaded with creation teaching andexciting recreational activities. They are designed to fortify and equip high school and college students to survive and thrive on the campus.


Join veteran AOI creation teachers, Dave and Mary JoNutting, as they team up with Journey Quest Wilderness Ministry for a unique outdoor learning adventure. Experienced guides and instructors have a true heart for Christ and will encourage each person to build a deep and vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ!


Raft and kayak Colorado’s popular Arkansas River, enjoy fun and challenging rock climbing and hiking in the beautiful Sangre de Cristo mountains. Surrounded by the beauty of God’s world and built upon the strong foundation of God’s Word, this purposeful trip is a perfect way to be equipped to face the onslaught of naturalistic, evolutionary worldviews which saturate our society today. Students will be challenged to grapple with tough issues and grow in their own relationship with God. They will be given tools to defend their faith, stand firm in the Truth of God’s Word, and impact others with boldness, gentleness, and confidence.

 This exciting Rock and River Adventure begins near Buena Vista with rafting the gorgeous Brown’s Canyon and floats through sections of beginner and intermediate rapids. Challenge yourself with rock climbing and alpine hiking into Colorado’s amazing Sangre de Cristo Mountains followed by more rafting through the beautiful Bighorn Sheep Canyon. Have a blast paddling inflatable kayaks through rapid after rapid of stellar whitewater. After enjoying each full day in the Colorado Rockies you can relax by the river while our guides treat you to culinary delights. Spend each evening campingunder the stars (or in a tent if you prefer) as the river lulls you to sleep. Those wishing to extend their trip can choose an optional Saturday AM raft trip through the famous Royal Gorge with its Class 5 rapids (not for the timid!). morning begins with a time to be alone with Christ, followed by a hearty breakfast while you prepare for another packed day of fun and learning. Explore amazing geology and evidences for the Flood, marvel at the power of moving water, and grapple with issues relating to the creation vs. evolution issue amidst an enjoyable and wild adventure. Evenings are spent together as we gather around the campfire, worship Jesus, and learn even more about God and how to firmly stand on His Word!


Note: Participants will be expected to complete AOI’s Discover Creation DVD Series before the trip to provide common introductory background knowledge and help them get the most out of the on-site training. 



July 6:

Meet Monday at 10AM at Texas Creek, Journey Quest Headquarters (2.8 miles east of Cotopaxi, CO, which is between Salida, CO and Canon City, CO.)

July 6 – 10:

Creation topics, rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, campfires, etc.

July 11:

Depart after breakfast or opt for optional Class 5 Royal Gorge raft trip for the go-getters.

Note: Schedule and itinerary subject to change due to water levels/safety issues, etc.


Cost: Prices TBD for 2015 - 2014 prices were $475 per person (Minimum age: 14)

Prepare for Action

  • Learn from dynamic creation teachers
  • Discover Creation with experienced field-trip guides
  • Prepare a ready defense
  • Develop creative ways to impact others
  • Have a real blast – Rocky Mountain style challenge activities                                  

 Equip Yourself With

  • The best evidence for creation
  • Answers for the “proofs” of evolution
  • Assurance that the Bible is reliable
  • Scientific facts that confirm the Bible
  • Ammunition to stand firm under evolutionary fire


Be fortified in your faith while having a real blast!  



Please download this form, fill it out, and send it with a deposit to:

  • Alpha Omega Institute, PO Box 4343, Grand Junction, CO, 81502  or
  • Call 970-523-9943 or 1-800-377-1923 to register by phone.
  • (Note: Our system does not currently allow for on-line registrations. We apologize for any inconvenience.)

 Another opportunity for teen youth groups:

Creation Mountain Adventure at Horn Creek June 29 – July 4, 2014.


                       Encouraging students to stand against evolutionary indoctrination


P. O. Box 4343  Grand Junction, CO    81502


Equipping youth and adults to confidently impact others with the truth