– Strategic Outreach Center –

Introducing the AOI Ministry Center

A Strategic Opportunity!


1 Block from Colorado Mesa University

6 blocks from Grand Junction High School

2-3 Blocks from 2 other schools

Centrally located in GJ area!

  Vital Outreach to Students!

Polls Show: More than 75% of students from evangelical church homes leave the church before graduation.

Youth evangelist, Mark Cahill, says: “The #1 reason students give for not responding to the Gospel is evolution.”

Too many students tell us: “I used to believe the Bible, but not anymore.” When asked why, they say, “Evolution!”


Secular schools teach only Evolutionary Naturalism – the idea that everything can be explained by natural processes. In other words, no God is needed to create the universe or life. Students are told that evolution is science but Creation is just a religious myth, undermining their faith in the Bible and the God of the Bible.


THE TRUTH: Evolution is NOT Science! It is a belief system posing as science – the pillar of the Naturalistic Worldview.


Students need facts and supportive relationships to help them survive the one-sided evolutionary indoctrination they receive in schools and universities.


AOI wants to be a “lighthouse” beacon of light to these students and at the same time have that beacon illuminate the Truth of God’s Word to students immersed in the darkness prevalent on the campus.


Alpha Omega Institute (AOI) was Established to Help Meet this Need


AOI was founded in 1984 by Dave and Mary Jo Nutting. As college instructors, they saw young people being blasted out of the water in their faith because of evolution and felt God’s leading to do something about it.

In the 33+ years of ministry since then, AOI has become a well-respected ministry, recognized by churches, Christian organizations, and other Creation ministries.

Over the years, the AOI team has:

  • Brought the message of Creation and the Gospel to hundreds of thousands of individuals
  • Mailed their bi-monthly educational newsletter to tens of thousands
  • Ministered across the US and in more than 30 countries internationally

AOI speakers currently teach at more than 200 events yearly, at churches, schools, universities, and children’s events, as well as leading exciting Discover Creation camps and tours.


A Strategic Opportunity


AOI has purchased a building just 1 block from Colorado Mesa University and 2-6 blocks from 3 other schools, including Grand Junction High School. Surrounded by students, its central location will serve well as headquarters for AOI’s local, national, and international ministry.


 Our Vision and Game Plan:

  • Continue our vital world-wide creation ministry to families and students here and abroad.
  • Intensify our efforts to reach students at our local university and schools with a creation and apologetics ministry. (CMU’s enrollment is more than 10,000!)
  • Train and equip students with the knowledge and tools to not only survive, but thrive in a hostile environment and encourage them to make a positive impact while in school and wherever God leads them after graduation.


This building is ideal to support this vision!

  • Ideally located for expanded Outreach to thousands of students
  • Great meeting areas for fellowship, programs, discussions, and community support
  • Well-suited as headquarters for AOI’s international ministry
  • Bonus: Immediate income from renting all available units starting October 15th.


This is an Exciting Strategic Ministry Opportunity!  

  • Train and equip students to impact their campus while pursuing an accredited degree at CMU and to “take it home” to their own communities
  • Reach CMU’s large international student population and encourage them to take the message home
  • Establish a supportive community for learning, mentoring and encouragement
  • Support and assist an on-campus student-led Creation and Apologetics Club
  • Provide a relaxed atmosphere for study, fellowship, and refreshments
  • Become a model for ministry in other communities


AND it Offers a Financially Sustainable Business Plan!

When our campaign is complete, AOI will not only have its own building, but will be approximately $30,000 to $45,000 better off per year than in our current rented facility. (The range depends on rental occupancy.) This increased income can be invested back into further ministry.


Here is what is needed for the Ministry Center Capital Campaign:


Total Campaign:       

                      $585,000 Purchase and Closing Costs, modifications and Reserve Fund                   

Already Received:

                      $210,000 towards purchase

                      $50,000 towards a Reserve Fund

Still Needed for Building Campaign:

                      $325,000 (11/15/2017)


AOI is EQUIPPED and POISED to impact students at CMU and elsewhere, but we need your help for this strategic endeavor.

Will YOU be part of something big? 

Please pray and give a generous and meaningful gift to make the Strategic Ministry Center debt free.


Building Details

  • Centrally located in Grand Junction, just 1 block south of Colorado Mesa University, 2-3 Blocks from 2 other schools. Surrounded by students!
  • 6 blocks from Grand Junction High School,
  • Nicely kept 6624 ft2
    • 3312 ft2 of which is Rental Income Space
  • Plenty of off-street parking
  • Efficient design for AOI Headquarters + Outreach to Students
    • Reception, Offices, and Conference area
    • Large multipurpose room with full kitchen – ready for ministry events – just add chairs, students, and food!
    • Additional multipurpose area for library, study, meetings, kids’ programs, etc.
    • Lower level ADA accessible
    • Space for displays, exhibits, etc.

Looks designed to reach students

with the Truth of Scripture and the Gospel of Jesus Christ!



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