Grand Junction, CO Local Creation Ministry

Alpha Omega Institute is presenting three new learning opportunities starting January, 2017, that will be held in the Grand Junction, CO area.

Worldviews and the Evidence class, Creation Family Nights, and Creation Family Expeditions. See below for more information, and check in later for more Grand Junction opportunities as they become available!


Worldviews and the Evidence Class

Every Thursday starting January 12th

Class 6:30-9:00 pm, break and questions 7:30-8:00 pm

@ Alpha Omega Offices – Library


As Christians, we are called to give a defense for our faith (2 Pet 3:15). Come and be equipped to combat common challenges and questions faced in our society today.

Gain a valuable perspective in understanding the major worldviews encountered today (including more about your own) and therefore gain a better understanding of these modern times.

Join Scott and Brian as we evaluate worldviews and discover in-depth evidence from Science for God and His Word.

New information every week – so come whenever you can!

Call or Email Scott or Brian for more information:

[email protected]       1-970-523-9943

[email protected]



Please note that we also have other series every month:

Creation Family Movie Nights – Every First Friday of the Month (7pm)

Give us a call or email us for movie showings and info.

Creation Family Expeditions – Every Third Friday of the Month (9am)

Bring your family and meet at our new ministry center for science teaching and then hit the road for a guided expedition!

March 18th – Fossil Hunting

April 15th – Butterflies and the Botanical Gardens

May 20th – Star Gazing (in the evening)

Keep an eye on this local events page for more local Creation events, and let us know if you would like to invite an AOI speaker to teach at a Bible Study, Sunday School, Youth Group or other event!


AOI Office Address:

2140 Broadway, Unit B-104, Grand Junction, CO 81507

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