Discover Creation: DVD 5


DVD includes 2 lectures:

  • Dinosaurs, Dragons, & Man – By Richard Stepanek
  • Archaeology, Science & Scripture – By Richard Stepanek


Media Type: DVD

Dinosaurs, Dragons, & Man

By: Richard Stepanek

Mystery has always surrounded the subject of dinosaurs. What were they like? What happened to them? Did they coexist with man? Did Noah take them on the Ark? What scientists can actually observe is very limited. Therefore, much is left to the imagination. Richard Stepanek answers many commonly asked questions that will help you separate fact from fiction. When we look through the lens of scripture, there is no dinosaur mystery.

  • Science vs. imagination – a big difference!
  • Were dinosaurs on the Ark?
  • What happened to the dinosaurs?
  • Did dinosaurs evolve into birds?
  • Did man ever see dinosaurs?

Archaeology, Science & Scripture

By: Richard Stepanek

Who is this Creator? Many cultures give the credit for creation to something other than the God of the Bible. What makes faith in the biblical God legitimate? Using archaeology, science, and Scripture, Richard Stepanek presents evidence that affirms the reliability of God’s Word and its claim that the God of the Bible is the Creator of the universe.

  • How did the different human races originate?
  • Is modern man smarter than ancient man?
  • Archaeology affirms the accuracy of Scripture.
  • See how fullfilled prophecies affirm the Bible’s reliability.
  • Discover how truths were revealed in Scripture centuries before being “discovered” by modern science.


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