Discover Creation: DVD 3


DVD includes 2 lectures:

  • A Flood of Evidence – By Dave Nutting
  • It’s About Time – By Dave Nutting


Media Type: DVD

A Flood of Evidence

By: Dave Nutting

Geologist Dave Nutting takes us on a virtual tour of national parks and other locations. He shows the other side of the geologic story that park rangers don’t mention. Does it take millions of years to form geologic features? Dave says, “No!” and shows a flood of evidence indicating it really didn’t take that long. Noah’s Flood and its aftermaths should no longer be ignored in studying earth history.

  • Rock layers…petrified wood…stalactites…Do they take a long time to form?
  • Consider fossil trees that cut through “millions of years” of rock layers.
  • Discover how major canyons can be carved in only days.
  • See car-sized boulders moved 100s of miles from their source.
  • View mountains consisting of water-worn boulders.
  • See petrified mud? Think Flood!

It’s About Time

By: Dave Nutting

How old is the earth? How old do you want it to be? Worldview, not evidence, dictates what assumptions a person will accept or reject concerning the age of the earth. Evolution needs time and lots of it! The idea of a young earth cuts at the heart of an evolutionary, naturalistic worldview. Dave Nutting shows, in an easy-to-follow way, that time is not the hero of the evolutionary plot!

  • Does carbon-14 dating indicate the earth is millions of years old?
  • How could distant starlight reach Earth if the universe is young?
  • See how “scientific” dating of recent events can be millions of years off!
  • Discover that coal, oil, canyons, and rock layers can all be formed quickly.
  • Ponder underground crystals the size of telephone poles!


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