Discover Creation: DVD 1


DVD includes 2 lectures:

  • Creation or Evolution – By Dave & Mary Jo Nutting
  • Fossils and Cavemen – By Dave Nutting


Media Type: DVD

Creation or Evolution?

By: Dave & Mary Jo Nutting

You are in a battle for your mind. The origins issue is fundamental to every area of life. Sadly, godless philosophies teach our children that we “are just as much animals as any worm, toad or pig.” [Neil Bell, “Only Human”] We are also told that evolution is “science” while creation is “religious myth.” Dave and Mary Jo Nutting share the truth about our origins and the battle that is raging for hearts and minds. Their insights will help equip you to stand firmly on the Word of God and walk confidently with Him.

  • Understand the battle between Secular Humanism and Christianity.
  • Find answers to: “Creation is religion and evolution is science.”
  • The struggle is not over the data but over the interpretation of data.
  • “The #1 reason students give for rejecting the gospel is evolution.” (Mark Cahill, youth evangelist and author)

Fossils and Cavemen

By:Dave Nutting

Fossils support creation and give devastating evidence against evolution. However, it’s often the artwork that convinces people that evolution is true rather than the fossils. Dave Nutting asks the question,“What’s the evidence?” regarding the famous horse sequence, dinosaur/bird evolution, supposed apemen, etc. The answers become clear when you learn to ask the right questions.

  • Discover why fossils support creation, not evolution.
  • Learn to ask the right questions – don’t be taken captive.
  • Imagination is not observation, therefore, not science.
  • Discover the truth about “missing links” and “apemen.”
  • Great artwork; what’s the evidence?


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