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Be a Financial Partner

Our culture is changing. Deception, confusion, apathy, bad information, bad theology, and inconsistent worldviews are abundant in our society. Everyone has a lot of questions and there are a lot of answers, but many of those answers are problematic, conflicting and inconsistent.

There are real Answers. There is Truth. There is a Reason and there is Purpose. There is a Foundation for what we Believe. God Created and God has a Plan.

What we Believe does Matter. We are called by God to give a Defense for our Faith and to Teach and Train others a Consistent and Biblical Worldview. We are called by God to Make Disciples.

Please help support and empower students! You can help us keep tuitions down and invest in giving students a Godly foundation.


Donate towards the following:

Item                                                         Cost                              Given/Needed

Housing Furnishings

AOI currently does not own their own student housing, but if you would like to donate to allow AOI to purchase and furnish a location for young men and for young ladies, we would very much appreciate that!

Dorm Desk 180 0/12
Table w/ 4 chairs 300 0/5
Bookcase 80 0/12
Bed 300 0/12
Dresser 175 0/12
Desk Chair 75 0/12
Desk lamp 30 0/12
Couch 500 0/5

Other Costs

If you would like to help, you may contribute to classroom supplies, technology costs, 15 passenger van and maintenance and scholarships (see below).




*General Contributions for any amount are greatly appreciated and will be used where most needed (e.g. legal and insurance expenses, meal costs, travel costs, advertising, and other resources)


To Donate one of the above items,

  • Donate Now!!
  • Select the “Training Institute” category
  • Enter the amount you wish to give
  • Designate the item you are donating for in the comment section.
  • Please Pray! Thank You!

For more information:

Phone: (970) 523-9943

Email: [email protected]

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