Creationists Are Not Anti-Science

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Have you noticed the furor in the news lately?  To hear some speak, it seems we will be thrown back into the Dark Ages if we include the possibility of intelligent design or even mention the weaknesses of evolution in our public schools.  In our opinion, nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, most of the early “giants” of science were creationists.  Their work was foundational to the development of empirical science and actually helped to bring Europe out of the Dark Ages.  (See Men of Science, Men of God and The Biblical Basis of Modern Science, both by Dr. Henry Morris, for more information.)  Like the early scientists, thousands of highly qualified modern-day scientists believe the Biblical account of creation and still do excellent scientific research.

This is not a debate between science and religion anyway; it’s a debate between two conflicting world views or philosophies.  Creationists are not anti-science as we often hear.  They just don’t buy into the new philosophy of science that requires only naturalistic interpretations of data and totally excludes God.

When correctly understood, science is a powerful tool that fits hand-in-hand with the Bible.  The important thing is to understand what it can and cannot do.  Science is a means of learning about the world we live in.  It helps us make useful discoveries that make our lives easier. (e.g., aren’t you glad someone invented washing machines?)

Science can also help us fulfill our God-given mandate for caring for God’s good Earth.  Our discoveries can help us become better stewards, managing it for the glory of God and the good of man.

Science can also help us learn lessons for our own lives, as we study the characteristics God has placed in His creatures.  For example, Proverbs 6 tells us to “Go to the ant and learn.”

Finally, the study of science can help us appreciate our wonderful Creator all the more, as we see evidence of His power, wisdom, and care displayed through all He has made.

Powerful and useful as science is, however, it is limited because scientists are only human and can never know all that there is to know.  Science is always changing.  We humans make mistakes and continue to discover new things about this world we live in.  In addition, there are some areas of life that are outside the scope of science.

Many people think of the Bible as only a “spiritual book” but it is also a very practical book with vital information about life and the world we live in.  While it is not meant to be a “textbook” of science or history, wherever it touches on these subjects, it is truthful and accurate.  It has stood the test of time.

The Bible gives us information that we could never learn from science alone.  It stands alone as the unchanging Word of God – the One Who was there in the beginning, that knows everything, and never makes a mistake.

God’s word also provides us with historical documentation and eye-witness reports that we would have no other way of knowing, and gives us a framework for interpreting the scientific data we observe.  In addition, the Bible gives us clues for fruitful research as well as guidance for this life and critical information about the future.

So as creationists, we honor the Word of God.  It is our standard and authority.  Again, we are not anti-science.  We value and use science, but we also understand its limitations.

By Mary Jo Nutting

Originally published in the May/June 2006 issue of Think & Believe Newsletter.

Product recommendation:

Men of Science, Men of God by Henry Morris

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