Colored Glasses Or Bias

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“Dad, I am confused,” said Mary at the evening dinner table. “Today, my friend Suzie and I were looking at some beautiful flowers in her front yard and I told her I thought it was wonderful, all the bright colors God used in some flowers. But Suzie just laughed, and said that God didn’t make the flowers. Evolution did! I kind of got mad! Dad, how can she not believe that God made the flowers?”

“Well Mary, it is probably what Suzie was taught about the world,” Mr. Jones answered. “Think about it this way … Imagine that you are wearing a pair of glasses with lenses that are red in color. When you look out in the world, what color will you see?”

“That’s easy! You would see the color red,” Mary replied.

“Let’s suppose those glasses are blue in color, what color would you see?” asked Mr. Jones.

“Oh, oh … I know … blue!” shouted Billy.

“Now if those glasses are yellow, then you would see…?”

“Yellow!” Billy shouted again.

“I don’t get it, Dad. Suzie and I don’t wear glasses,” stated Mary.

“That is true Mary, we do not all wear glasses, and they are not all colored, but we all look at the world in different ways. We all see things a little differently. We all have what we call a bias or a set of beliefs. Most of the time what we believe in depends on what we were taught.”

Mr. Jones continued, “What would you see if you were wearing a pair of glasses that had evolution written across them? You would view the world through evolution. That is probably how Suzie is seeing the world right now. She thinks those flowers happened by chance and accident because of what she has been taught and now believes.”

“Why do you think that, Dad?” Mary asked.

“Well you see Billy and Mary, I once was just like Suzie and wore evolutionary glasses. No, I didn’t wear glasses that actually had evolution written on them, but I did believe in evolution. In fact, I believed in evolution so strongly because of what I had been taught in school that I didn’t believe in God at all.”

“But one day,” Mr. Jones continued, “I really looked into evolution. I knew I needed to see some proof of one kind of animal changing into another kind of an animal. I looked very hard for that proof, but could find nothing to show evolution was true as I had been taught.”

“So what did you do?” asked Mary.

“Instead of seeing chance and accident making everything in the world, I began to see all kinds of wonderful design, and I realized that to have design you have to have a designer … in other words, somebody smart to make that design … God. So I took off my evolution glasses and put on a new pair! Today, my glasses have creation written across them!”

“Dad …I don’t see anything written on your glasses!” Billy exclaimed.

Mr. Jones smiled. “You are right Billy, but today, everywhere I look I see God’s creation.”

“Kids, you are going to meet a lot of people that believe in evolution and not in God. But if you gently share with them evidences of God’s design, they might also someday see what is wrong with evolution and turn to God. It happened to me, and it can happen to them.”

By Lanny and Marilyn Johnson

Originally published in the March/April 2013 issue of Kids Think and Believe, Too! Check it out for activities and a maze.

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