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Additional Camp Information:

Creation Teaching

Creation Mountain Adventures are real vacations with a purpose. Not only do you get a tremendous mountain vacation but also a complete creation vs evolution seminar. AOI's popular creation speakers and invited guest speakers give you the evidence for creation, the problems with evolution, and the importance of the issue.

That, coupled with the creation field trips, activities in God's splendid creation and one-on-one fellowship with the teaching staff, give a well-rounded creation experience. If you are a home educator, you may be to use this as a full week of both outdoor education credit and science instruction.

Children's Program

Separate children's programs are a fun and educational part of some of our Creation Vacations. Dynamic teaching and hands-on activities combine to help children ages 5 to 12 understand the truth of creation and problems with evolution.

Exciting Recreational Activities

Each camp offers an exciting variety of activities for varying ages and abilities.  Please check individual camp descriptions for specific activities.


Delicious Meals

Nobody will go hungry. There's great, high-quality food and plenty of it. Our kitchen crew always gets numerous compliments from appreciative campers. (Please alert us for special dietary needs ahead of time.)