Chronicles of Dinosauria – The History & Mystery of Dinosaurs and Man


Author/Illustrator: Dave Woetzel/Richard Dobbs

Every legend is said to include some grain of truth and author Dave Woetzel has sought for years to separate fact from fiction as he explores mysteries related to dinosaurs and the history of man.  

Product Description

Author Dave Woetzel visited many remote locations and historical sites gathering evidence from around the globe – evidence that inspires a simple question:  If dinosaurs were extinct millions of years before man entered history as evolution purports, how can there be ancient depictions and first-hand accounts of dinosaurs and man from many disparate civilizations?

This book, complete with beautiful illustrations by artist and designer Richard Dobbs, is a visual archive of intriguing photographic evidence, historical facts, biblical clues, and firsthand expedition logs to explore:

  • Provocative Chinese and South America artifacts that hint at man’s familiarity with living dinosaurs
  • Unfossilized tissue discovered inside dinosaur bones and dragon legends from around the globe!
  • Old Testament Hebrew narratives describing ancient beasts like behemoth and the obscure fiery flying serpent
  • Remote cryptozoological mysteries that seem to defy evolutionary timelines!

A unique combination of visual illustrations and unforgettable accounts, the book is an amazing adventure that calls into question what we’ve been taught to believe and understand by secular science about the history of dinosaurs and man.  An exceptional resource that honors the authority of Scripture as it reveals an amazing history that matches the biblical timeline!


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