August 31st, 2011

What is Really True?

On a recent creation tour, I had the opportunity to teach at two public schools.  Although we are often able to teach the scientific information about creation, we usually can’t include the Bible or mention God.  We can, however, respond to questions from the students even if those happen to be of a religious nature.


After presenting the scientific problems of evolution to an all-school assembly, a science teacher wanted more!  So, we scheduled a full day of teaching for what ended up being three science teachers and their classes.  I gave my presentation in one room as these science classes rotated in and out throughout the day.  In each session, time was left for questions and answers.


The day began with the kids asking questions about science but shortly the questions changed to the Bible.  As the day wore on, and more information was presented, interest in the Bible increased.  At the end of the day, the focus of the questions was totally on the Bible.

In each of the schools, the most commonly asked question was, “How do we know what is really true?”  It was obvious that many of these students were seeking after truth and their spiritual hunger was evident.  It is encouraging to see that many students really want to know, but sad that they are denied access to the truth by being given only select information.  Some of the teachers we spoke to related the dilemma they were in.  They did not really want to teach the material, but state mandates required them to.  We need to pray for these students, teachers, and administrators that Christians would be bold witnesses and the light of Jesus Christ would shine.


By Rich Stepanek


Originally Published in the Winter 2003 Think and Believe.

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