Dr. Duane Gish

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  I am sad to report that one of the key leaders in the Creation ministry passed away last week on March 6. Dr. Duane Gish will certainly be remembered by Mary Jo & I. His book, Evolution, The Fossils Say No, changed our lives. Mary Jo & I believed in evolution years ago, when we picked up his book on the fossil record. That caused us to really begin thinking for ourselves, reevaluate our perspective, do our own research, and then led us not only to reject our...

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A Thought on the Recent Quasar Cluster Discovery

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  Astronomy is a fascinating field of science, as are other branches of science.  New discoveries are being made which challenge old theories and develop new ones.  We have seen this trend through history, for example, the once believed Law of Abiogenesis where scientists believed dead material would evolve into life.  This idea was held to be true for many centuries, that is until scientists like Louis Pasteur and others debunked this theory and through scientific...

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The Evolutionist’s Head

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  Do you have to have your head in the clouds to be an evolutionist? Paul Salopek is about to start on a 21,000 mile walk from Africa to South America. The following quote is part of an article in the Portland Oregonian. (Jan 11, 2013) “The Ethiopia to Chile walk, which took human ancestors 50,000 years to make is called Out of Eden…” The idea that it took fifty thousand years for our ancestors to make this walk has become standard evolutionist doctrine. Modern...

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Shark Skin Inhibiting Bacteria

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  In 2002, the U.S. Office of Naval Research hired Dr. Anthony Brennan, a materials science and engineering professor at the University of Florida, to find new antifouling methods to reduce use of toxic antifouling paints and trim costs connected with dry dock and drag.1   Dr. Brennan felt that using an engineered topography could be a key to new antifouling technologies. While visiting the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor in Oahu, Dr. Brennan and several co-workers...

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The Cosmic Hope of the Evolutionist

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  The search for extra-terrestrial life has preoccupied astronomers for years. Its discovery is the hope of evolutionists. I emphasize the word “hope” because it’s, well, uh, … purely hope. There is reason why this hope is so needed. To the ardent evolutionists, finding life elsewhere in the universe will be proof positive that life evolved here on Earth and therefore, there is no God who created us in the first place. I would say there is a “disconnect” in logic...

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Trying to Copy the Bombardier Beetle*

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  One of my favorite insects to talk about, to show God’s design in nature, is the bombardier beetle. Even though the bombardier beetle is only ½ to ¾ of an inch long (1.27 to 1.9 cm), it packs a powerful defense mechanism to protect itself from predators. When in danger, the bombardier beetle mixes different chemicals (hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinone) from different glands and then injects them into an explosion chamber containing mostly water. Within the explosion...

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Response to a Common Argument

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  University professors, who should really know better, state that “evolution is everywhere,” referring to minor changes in coloration, nose size in family members, or whatever change you might notice. So how should one answer that line of reasoning? First of all, it is appropriate to point out that you have to start with something to get any changes at all. So, how do we get the genetic pool in the first place that spells out coloration, nose size, etc. It is an...

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Does Yom Convey a 24 Hour Day in the Creation Account?

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  In the Bible, the Hebrew word for day is Yom. By looking up the word yom in a concordance you will see that it can have a variety of meanings:  a period of light as contrasted to night, a 24-hour period, time, a specific point of time, or a year.1 As I shared in my last blog (Compromising the Word of God) the meaning of the word yom or “day” is understood by its context. In the Genesis account of creation, God gave us parameters by defining the word day with ‘evening and...

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Evolution and a Matter of Degrees

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  Brrrr… It’s cold here. So far this year, it warmed up once above 30 °F.  One month ago, Mary Jo & I stepped onto an airplane in Mexico saying goodbye to temperatures in the 80’s. About 5 hours later, we landed at home and immediately began a month of saying, “Brrrrrrrr, it’s cold!” From highs of 85 down to a low of -5 is huge. But it’s a matter of degrees! Dave Harper, the president of our Board, came down recently for our last Board meeting.  The temp was 15...

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Compromising the Word of God

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  In my last blog I showed that to understand all the different meanings of the word UP you needed to know the context, which is derived by the word or words before the word UP. If you take a word out of context, it will have a different meaning. In the Bible, the Hebrew word for day is Yom. In the creation account, Yom has been taken out of context by those believing that those days are not literal 24 hr. periods. In the Genesis account of creation it says “And the...

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One man’s junk is another man’s treasure!

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  Junk DNA, vestigial DNA, and leftover DNA from our animal ancestors are evidence for evolution… right?  On the contrary!  God doesn’t make junk!  Everything has a function, even though it has been corrupted by Adam’s fall. Continued research on Junk DNA reveals the complexity of our bodies.  Our bodies are composed of about 100,000 different proteins, but there are only about 20,000 protein-coding gene regions.  How can this be? This is where the Junk DNA comes...

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Magic-Wand of Naturalism

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  I just read an article about a young man who is campaigning to make sure all schools, including private and Christian schools, that receive any state money such as vouchers, would not be allowed to include creation in science. This person was arguing that only evolution fits the criteria of science: observable, naturalistic, testable, falsifiable, and expandable… which he thinks “is everything that creationism is not.” Notice that he added and subtracted from...

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