“Being a Dad Who Leads” Book Review

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  I am now officially a father of a sweet little boy and my wife and I are loving it. He is so precious to us. We have been so blessed by the generosity of others. Normally at baby showers, you get great stuff for the baby or for the mommy, but a couple of friends gave me, the daddy, a thoughtful gift. They gave me a book entitled, “Being a Dad Who Leads” by John MacArthur. I was somewhat familiar with the author and pastor and so I was excited to dig into it, even...

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Star and Planetary Formation – Creation Perspective

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  Creation Answer: In order for stars to start forming, there must be gas clouds that can be compressed. The possibilities for compression can be: a nearby supernova (exploding star), dust grains from a supernova that cool and compress the gas cloud, colliding gas clouds, like galaxies colliding, black holes, which may emit jets of high-speed material that will compress the gas cloud, or radiation from other nearby stars may compress the gas cloud.   In each of...

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Star and Planetary Formation – Naturalistic/Evolutionary Perspective

Posted on Aug 8, 2014 in Marianis from the Front, The Biggest Challenges to Evolution | 2 comments

  Introduction: There are countless stars in the universe and with each star, there could be many planets. How do stars form? How do rocky planets form and how do gas planets form? What causes stars and planets to form? Have we observed any form? How often should a star be born? How does this evidence affect the age estimates of our universe?   Naturalistic/Evolutionary Answer: “In the Milky Way today the average annual star formation rate is ten solar masses,” but it...

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Horn Creek Creation Adventure Report

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  Mary Jo & I recently enjoyed conducting a family camp at Horn Creek Camp near Westcliffe, Colorado. It was our first year doing a Creation Adventure at this camp and everything went great. Families enjoyed the facilities including their lodge rooms, excellent meals, and the meeting room for our presentations. The activities were as intense or as laid back as each family desired. From the comments we received, everyone benefitted from, and enjoyed, the Creation...

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