The Santa Claus of Evolution

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A number of years ago, I was asked to help with a debate at a public high school.  The debate was to be between three evolutionists and three creationists.  One of the debaters on the creationist side was well-skilled in arguing the philosophical issues.  The other creationist had a Ph.D. in Watershed Management and Hydrology.  Neither had faced hostile audiences before and felt they could use help in dealing with the tougher scientific issues that they thought would be brought up.  Although I had many opportunities in the prior years to present the scientific problems with evolution, that was to be my first “formal” debate since high school many years before.  The debate was to be held shortly, and it was a good thing I had only a little time to prepare, since with more time, I could have gotten quite nervous.

On the big day, Mary Jo heard the evolutionists talking with each other as they were heading to the debate auditorium.  They said that it didn’t matter what they said at the debate, the key was to get the students on their side.  After all, they had the rest of the year to “work with the students.”  Yeah, right!  We knew that “work with the students” meant to fully indoctrinate them in evolution when we weren’t there to show the other side!

During the debate, the evolutionists presented amazingly little science.  It was more name calling and claiming that creationists are anti-science.  Our panel of creationists, however, presented a solid case based on science.  There was time for rebuttals and a summary statement by each team.  The participant who was chosen to summarize the evolutionist perspective spent most of his time painting an elaborate picture of Santa Claus and how, as children, we used to believe in Santa Claus until we began to realize that that fat man couldn’t get down the chimney and reindeer don’t fly.  I’m sure he was setting the stage to make the statement that belief in creation and God is a childish belief that doesn’t fit the evidence.

However, he had painted such an elaborate picture of Santa Claus that he ran out of time before coming to his conclusion.  I believe God used him to indeed set the stage for my concluding summary. 

I informed the audience that all the debaters on the creationist side used to believe in the “Santa Claus” of evolution, but as we studied the evidence, we realized that just as that fat man can’t get down the chimney, and reindeer don’t fly, evolution doesn’t work.  Evolution is an unsubstantiated childhood belief that we had to give up.

The evolutionary side did not look very happy as the debate closed.  We had not only taken their punch line, but also presented a good scientific case for creation – they had not given anything of real substance in favor of evolution.   

As you celebrate Christmas this year and see all the “street corner” Santa Clauses stealing the true meaning of Christmas, remember that the Santa Claus of evolution is also stealing the hearts and minds of children all over the world.  You can make a difference as you share solid scientific evidence and Biblical truth with your family and friends.  Don’t let them be deceived by the Santa Claus of evolution!

By Dave Nutting

Originally published in the November/December 2008 issue of Think & Believe newsletter.

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