How About Theistic Evolution?

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CREATION, EVOLUTION, AND THE BIBLE: Did God Use Evolution as His Method of Creation? 

There is a wide variety of viewpoints of how the universe and the life on earth began. From what has been presented already (please see article on What’s the Evidence?), it should be clear that we believe the atheistic perspective fails to fit the facts.  The idea that life was seeded to earth by space aliens merely begs the question of where the first life came from and pushes it out in the universe where someone doesn’t have to deal with the question.

We personally believe that the universe and life were created by the God of the Bible rather than the “gods” of other religions. We also accept a straight-forward reading of Genesis, including 6 days of creation, the literal “fall” of Adam into sin, and a real flood in Noah’s time. We recognize that many sincere Christians hold a different view. Some of these views include theistic evolution (the idea that God used evolution as his method of creation), progressive creation (the idea that God created in steps or stages over long periods of time), and the gap theory (the idea that there were vast periods of time between Genesis 1:1 and Gen 1:2). At one time, we ourselves (Dave and Mary Jo Nutting) believed in theistic evolution, until we examined the evidence and found that evolution just doesn’t work scientifically. We have also considered the arguments for progressive creation and the gap theory, but feel they have some serious shortcomings. Besides the scientific problems, here are some other problems we see with these viewpoints.

               Order is Different: The evolutionary progression is not the same as the Biblical order of creation. For example, evolution teaches that the sun and stars came before the earth, land before oceans, marine organisms before land plants, fish before fruit trees, and the Sun before plants. The Bible teaches the opposite on all of these. Many more examples could be found, but these demonstrate the conflict between evolution and the Bible.

               Death before Sin: All of the above positions involve death before sin, but the Bible clearly indicates that death came because of Adam’s sin (Rom. 5:12; I Cor. 15:21,22 ). According to the Bible, man is the cause of death and struggle, not the product of millions of years of death, struggle and survival of the fittest as long-age scenarios would suggest. Some people would say these verses apply only to mankind, but the Bible says that all of creation was impacted by man’s sin (Gen 3:17-19; Rom. 8:20-22).  Others say death is just a normal part of life, and that it has always been there, but in the Bible, death is called an enemy which will eventually be done away with (I Cor. 15:26).

                  Undermine the Gospel Message: Evolutionary, long-age scenarios undercut the whole gospel message. Jesus Christ is called the last Adam (I Cor 15:45). He came to undo the effects of the first Adam’s sin.  If there was no real Adam, and no real Fall into sin, then why would there be a need for a real Savior?

                   Inconsistent with God’s Character: Evolution is not consistent with God’s character as revealed in the Bible. The God of the Bible is an all-powerful, all-knowing, ever-present, God of order, love, and mercy.  Evolution is a cruel, wasteful, random, trial and error process based on death. It is not compatible with the character of God or His original work of creation as revealed in the Bible.

              God’s Work was Good: At the end of creation week, God said, “It is very good.” It would seem unlikely for God to look down on piles and piles of fossils representing millions of years of death and struggle and say, “It is very good.”  These words seem much more consistent with the words of a Master Artist who has finished His creation and is well-pleased with His work.

              God Finished His Work and Rested: Scripture tells us that God’s work of creation was finished and He rested on the 7th day.  Evolution tells us things are continually being created.

All things considered, we feel that mixing evolution and long ages with the Bible is not only scientifically unnecessary, but also detrimental to a full understanding of Scripture. For a more thorough discussion of this topic, get the excellent book, Refuting Compromise, by Dr. Jonathan Sarfati (2004 ) available at our store.

By Dave Nutting

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