Evolution: A Secular Religion?

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We recently came across a brochure published by The Evolutionist Society entitled Evolutionism:  A Secular Religion. It made quite interesting reading, especially since we’ve so often been told that evolution is science and creation is religion.  Evolutionism was defined as “a secular religion not concerned with a supernatural god, with heaven, hell, angels, devils or experience beyond death.  It holds that these things exist only in the imagination.”

“Evolutionism” as a religion is supposedly based on “science,” but it accepts as its most basic premise the theory of evolution, even though this “theory” has never been proven.  In fact, much scientific data contradicts it, although most people never have a chance to examine this data because it is not usually presented in the schools and media.  As merely one point in case, the fossil record which is frequently given as the best proof of evolution clearly demonstrates the lack of concern for what is actually the truth.  Textbooks picture neat sequences showing how fish evolved to amphibians, amphibians to reptiles, reptiles to birds and mammals, etc.  The accompanying text blatantly states that fossils show how this transition took place.  However, research into the fossil evidence discloses that these fossil intermediates simply do not exist.  In fact, no transitions have ever been found between any of the major groups of animals and plants.  How then, do the textbooks get these convincing sequences in the evolutionary “tree?”  They hire an artist to draw the supposed links, which they “know” must have existed (even though there is no evidence that they ever did).

Believing in something you cannot see is frequently classified as religion.  These same people, who say they cannot believe in God because they cannot see Him, believe in intermediate fossil links that are not there.  The religious fervor of some of these individuals seems to be impenetrable by true scientific facts.  In trying to replace religious dogma with “science,” these evolutionists have merely substituted a different religious dogma.  This dogma then becomes the basis of value formation and often the guiding principle of life.

We realize that not all evolutionists hold to the precepts of The Evolutionist Society and their viewpoints regarding the establishment of a secular religion.  However, if a scientific evaluation of the evidence supporting creation is excluded from consideration in the public schools on the basis that it favors a particular religious view, then evolution should also be excluded, since it definitely favors this religious view.  If the public schools are to be truly neutral in regard to the establishment of one religion over another, evolution should not be taught as the only alternative.

By Dave and Mary Jo Nutting

Originally published in the Sept/Oct 1985 issue of Think and Believe.

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