Dark Ages of Evolution

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Mary Jo and I frequently hear the “scare tactic” that if Creation teaching were ever allowed back into the classroom, it would send science back into the “Dark Ages.” This, of course, is a lot of hype to scare parents, school boards, and lawmakers into thinking that only evolution should be taught.

I think it is evolutionary indoctrination that smacks of “Dark Age” philosophy and has kept science from advancing – especially in the area of medical research.

Think about the previous article on the appendix. For years, it was taught that the appendix was an evolutionary leftover. Hence many researchers never bothered to find its all-important functions. When I had an infection in my appendix, they told me it wasn’t necessary (useless) and consequently removed it rather than treating it. Who knows?  If people weren’t burdened by evolutionary philosophy, Perhaps they would have researched alternate methods to treat it.

Another well known example, which could qualify as medical malpractice due to evolutionary ideas, was the routine removal of tonsils in children. Survey adults of my age and you will find that most of them have had their tonsils removed. Some were removed having only a hint of infection.  (I am certainly glad they didn’t remove my hand when I had an infected cut on it!) If you survey the younger generation, you will find that most still have their tonsils. The reason is that in my day, evolutionary bias that the tonsils were useless evolutionary leftovers prevailed. Fortunately some researchers cut through the evolutionary darkness and found that the tonsils are valuable in immunity. Therefore, doctors are less likely to remove them today.

Other organs, such as the thymus, pituitary gland (master gland of the body!) and over 100 other parts of the human body were considered leftovers and could have resulted in additional medical malpractice based on evolution. Virtually all of the “leftovers” have now been shown to have an important use.

If you hear that something is a useless evolutionary leftover, avoid the evolutionary dark ages, and think as a creation scientist: “It was created by God, so it likely has a function.”

By Dave Nutting

Originally published in the January/February 2011 issue of Think and Believe.

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