Creation Facts of Life – Book Review

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Dr. Gary Parker is one of my favorite creation authors and speakers, and I was much blessed to take several classes from him years ago at the Institute for Creation Research.  I always enjoyed his enthusiasm and his wonderful teaching style – taking complicated topics and explaining them in understandable terms – weaving together intricate details to create a fascinating “big picture” tapestry.  His unique blend of knowledge, logic, humor, humility, and “down-home” approach made his classes exciting and profitable.

That’s probably why Dr. Parker’s book, Creation Facts of Life, has been one of my favorite introductory creation books because in it, Dr. Parker writes the way he teaches – in a clear, understandable way.  He makes complex subjects understandable.  So, I am thrilled that there is now a revised and updated edition of this classic book!

The new edition contains many of the same examples and delightful illustrations, but it also includes new and updated topics like irreducible complexity and evidence from the RATE project.  Other topics include: orgin of life, DNA and proteins, homology, embryonic development, adaptation, mutation and natural selection, fossils, and the Grand Canyon.

This book would make an informative and enjoyable read for anybody interested in learning more about the science supporting creation.  It would make a great gift both for students and skeptics.  Available from AOI for $12.


By Mary Jo Nutting

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