Appendix – Not “Useless Junk”

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We are amazed at the number of high school and college students who are still being taught that our appendix is a useless leftover from evolution. This “proof” for evolution then becomes part of the students’ rationale for rejecting Creation and the Bible. 

The teachers who present this false notion certainly haven’t done their homework. It has long been known of its importance for immunity in the lower digestive tract. Lesser known, but just as important, are two other functions.

The appendix is already functioning in the developing baby at 11 weeks. At this stage, it produces endocrine cells which then produce hormones which are pertinent to the baby’s development. One might say this is limited function since it is such short term use; however, so is the umbilical cord! We likely wouldn’t be here without the appendix, the umbilical cord, and the myriad of other important parts and systems which operate in that stage of life!

The appendix has now also been shown to keep us healthy in adult life. According to Journal of Theoretical Biology [249(4):826–831, 2007], the appendix is a “safe harbor ” for the beneficial bacteria in our digestive tract. After serious bouts of diarrhea which clear the digestive tract, the appendix then restocks the tract with these crucial bacteria to maintain health. 

University students frequently tell us that people can live a perfectly good life without the appendix; therefore it is useless. Sorry, that argument doesn’t fly! People can also live a good life without one or two of their arms, legs, or eyes. Just because we can “get by” without them, doesn’t mean they have no value. 

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By Dave Nutting

This was published as an article in the January/February 2011 issue of Think and Believe.

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