A Flood of Evidence

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Ken Ham frequently says, “If there really was a Flood, what would the evidence be? Billions of dead things, buried in rock layers, laid down by water, all over the earth.” Well, that is exactly what we see – billions of dead things, buried in rock layers, laid down by water, all over the earth! Of course, evolutionary geologists have their interpretations based on their “millions of years” scenarios. However, I think there aremany evidences that really support the Flood and wreak havoc with evolutionary explanations. Here are a few: 

Polystrate Trees

Polystrate Trees are fossilized trees which are found poking through multiple geologic rock layers. Did these trees grow in place as the mud slowly piled up around them? Doubtful! Instead, it appears they were buried rapidly by a major water-and-mud cataclysm such as the Flood.

Sandstone Pipes

Sandstone Pipes are tubular structures filled with material which originated from layers way below the pipe. Hydraulic activity resulting from various pressures during, or shortly after the flood, could better explain the formation of these features. The material from down deep needed to still be soft as this “toothpaste” material squeezed upward from below. That means all the assigned millions of years between the layers could not have existed. Instead, the layers must have been put down in rapid succession.


Mass Kills

Mass kills events found in rock layers indicate that marine (ocean dwelling) creatures were buried very quickly by massive amounts of mud. These include the famous fossil nautiloids found in the Redwall limestone of the Grand Canyon. Millions of them are aligned in a way that indicates rapid burial by moving water currents rather than in a calm ocean environment usually presented by Park rangers.


Extensive Rock Layers

Extensive rock layers fit a lot better from a Flood geology perspective. The rock layers are stacked on top of each other like big stacks of giant pancakes. However, the “pancakes” are enormous, spreading over vast areas. For example, the Tapeats sandstone found in the Grand Canyon covers an area that stretches from Mexico, across Canada and even as far north as Greenland. It also reaches from California, and across the United States, to the eastern seaboard. That’s a giant pancake!

Other “pancakes,” like the Redwall Limestone, extend from the western United States and across the ocean to Europe. This indicates a global event and not local geologic processes. Many examples like this can be found in Dr. John Morris’s book, The Global Flood. On page 167, Morris sums up the scientific evidence that the Flood was global in extent with the following statement:

“Some say there is no scientific evidence for the great Flood of Noah’s day. To this we can only ask, ‘What evidence are you looking for?’ All the stratigraphical evidence, the geological evidence, the fossil evidence, etc., speak of a watery judgment of life that can best be understood as resulting from the great Flood of Noah’s day – just as described in Genesis.” “In general, the rocks speak of rapid, catastrophic deposition. The geologic column is a graphic record of repeated marine transgressions, incursions of the ocean onto the land, interspersed with regressions as the water rushed back into the oceans. Little time is needed for the entire column. The record shows what Genesis tells us, that the Flood waters were washing ‘to and fro’ over the land. There is nothing about the ‘column’ that should cause the Bible-believer to doubt the truth of the Genesis record.


Keep in mind that the evidence is so broad, that this short page of Think & Believe can certainly mention only the tiniest tip of the iceberg. However, I sincerely hope that this whets your appetite to further study. One of the greatest resources you need to get is The Global Flood. I am excited about this book and expect you will be too!

Additional Resources:

Earth’s Catastrophic Past Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 – by Dr. Andrew A. Snelling



By Dave Nutting

Originally published in the July/August 2013 issue of Think and Believe.)

Please call our office or email us at aoi@discovercreation.org for additional resources on these subjects.

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