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Help-wantedI am still new to officially working in a Creation ministry, but God has definitely been brewing this passion and desire for a long time. Follow the link to see the condensed version of my newest project. It is a handout with 4 sections that I have created to help you spread the news about Creation Science to your friends.

The first section contains nearly 80 different topics that I am currently researching. These are topics that are challenges to the Theory of Evolution. I believe quite frankly that Creation has better answers to each of those topics. I am researching and writing a book comparing Evolution’s view and Creation’s view on each of these topics. I am hoping to at least finish a couple of topics per week and we will be posting them to this blog – now each of these topics could be a whole book in itself, but I am trying to boil it down and get each view and each point concise, so I need your help to comment and bring to my attention anything I present incorrectly. Also, remember that each topic is only one piece of the puzzle, my purpose in this book project is to show the whole picture and how it all fits together. Thanks for your help and I hope that this can be helpful for your own faith and evangelism! Keep checking in for new blogs!

The second section on the handout is a slide of what has become the crux of my PowerPoint presentations in showing the 5 most common deceptions that people believe. I have briefly answered them on that slide, but if you have questions on any of them, please let me know.

The third section is the online resources that we are currently working on to help share and teach about Creation and Alpha Omega Institute.

The fourth section is an outline detailing the main questions used by Ray Comfort in the video entitled “Evolution vs. God” (you can watch this video free at: http://www.evolutionvsgod.com/). These are some of the main questions that can be used when street evangelizing with others. If you have other questions that may be good to add to that list, please share those with us as well!

I hope this helps and may God Bless You All!


Brian Mariani


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