On the Lighter Side

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Kids have told us a lot of humorous things over the years. Two of our favorites:

  • Boy and Girl DinosaurAfter a family seminar where we had talked about dinosaurs, a young girl about 7 years old came up to my wife and told her that she knew what happened to the dinosaurs (in reference to why they went extinct). “My girl horse doesn’t like our boy horse, so she can’t have a baby. So I think the girl dinosaurs just didn’t like the boy dinosaurs!”


  • On a recent occasion, I had just asked an audience the question, “Where did we get the stuff to make things with?” Normally the response is, “Trees, rocks, etc.”  … But this time a 8 year old boy piped up loudly, “China!”  It took a while for me (and the audience) to quit laughing, compose my thoughts and get on with the program!

Kids also do some strange and funny things in our programs:

  • One small, persistent 5 year old boy could not wait for me to finish answering another boy’s question … so he loudly shouted, “Mr. Man, Mr. Man, Mr. Man …” as he continually jabbed me in the leg right above my knee with his pudgy index finger! Not only did he get my attention, but the force of his jabs left bruises on my leg!


  • During a puppet performance, one curious little girl just had to know what was behind the stage. Without warning, she shot out of the audience and began to scramble up the curtains … reacting very quickly, my wife dropped her microphone and captured the little runaway before she hurt herself of destroyed the stage. That mischievous little tyke kept my wife on her toes that day … she exploded out of the audience several more times attempting to gain back-stage access.


Lanny Johnson

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