Dinosaur Skin Found: The Big Assumption

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In a recent blog on our website (“Question Your Assumptions”), I related how Mary Jo & I were on a speaking trip and couldn’t locate on our map what appeared to be a major road we had just crossed or the towns that the road signs were pointing to. Assuming we were traveling on the correct highway, we came to the erroneous conclusion that the map was very inaccurate. Consequently, we proceeded down the wrong highway. After encountering another road sign, we discovered that we were heading toward a city where we did not want to go and that we had gone a considerable distance out of our way. At that point, we finally realized that we must sometimes question our assumptions and make a U-turn to get back on track.

An April 26, 2013 article reported on a find that should call some assumptions into question. Dinosaur skin was found intact. In fact the skin could actually be peeled off! This is an amazing find! In the article, the discoverer asked the question of just how in the world the dinosaur skin survived intact for 70 million years and said that he was planning to undertake more research to figure that out. We have previously mentioned research showing that red blood cells were found in Tyrannosaurus Rex bones. Still other articles reported that soft tissue has been found in many petrified dinosaur bones as well as strands of DNA.

In each case, researchers asked the puzzling question: How in the world could those features remain intact over 100 million years?

Do you see the big assumption in all of these cases? Perhaps the researchers’ thought process is on the wrong highway and the huge assumption that the bones are 70-100 million years old should be questioned. Once I turned my car around on the highway mentioned above, everything began to clear up. Can you believe it? The map was accurate after all. Similarly, if we realize that the Biblical roadmap is correct and that there really was a global flood not too long ago, these geologic “mysteries” can finally be solved.

By Dave Nutting

Originally published in the September/October 2013 Think & Believe newsletter.

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