Smoke in Camp

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Smoke in camp 1Mary Jo & I were recently conducting a Creation Action Boot Camp at Camp Redcloud. One day in each camp is set aside for an all day group activity – this time we chose a hike up 14,000+  foot Redcloud Peak.

When we got there at the beginning of the week, a fire was raging on the other side of the ridge from Camp Redcloud. At least this ridge is the continental divide which has sufficient altitude to put it above tree line. This was a great barrier to keep us safe from the fire. But what about the smoke?  Fortunately, we had prevailing winds that kept everything clear at our Boot camp. However, the evening before the anticipated hike, the wind shifted and the valley became filled with smoke from the fire. That night, the air was thick and there was concern if the group could do their mountain climb activity if the air quality didn’t improve.  According to the report we had received, the poor air quality was to continue until 4PM the day of the hike. Not good!

Smoke in camp 2We told Grant, the leader of the group that had joined us from the University of Minnesota, about the issue and that he should pray about the situation as it may make it inadvisable for the group to make the climb. “Let’s pray right now,” he suggested. We did. Within two minutes the air began to clear, stars became visible, and a favorable breeze was noticed. In a few more minutes most of the smoke had cleared. In the morning, the air was as clear as mountain air should be and the group embarked on the climb. That was a real and quick answer to prayer and a good reminder to cast all our cares upon the Lord!


Dave Nutting

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  1. If you truly believed that prayer worked, why did you not immediately skip your hike, drop to your knees, and pray to end famine across the world? Please answer this question.

    • I received some responses to my blog post titled “Smoke in the Camp” which reported that immediately after praying about the thick smoke, the air very noticeably began to clear.

      Two responses were (one we are responding to above, and one from Twitter):

      “If you truly believed that prayer worked, why did you not immediately skip your hike, drop to your knees, and pray to end famine across the world? Please answer this question.” – Anthony Magnabosco

      “god helps clear smoke but allows death, destruction, disease, war, violence to reign elsewhere – got you!” – Gabe King

      Thanks for the responses. Although I am formulating a response myself, I also asked Grant (whom Mary Jo and I prayed with that night) for his response to your comments as he encounters this type of reasoning regularly at the university. Here is his response which I took the liberty to edit on your behalf.

      This is a common tactic to shine the light on something unrelated to the point of the post to confirm your personal doubts and frustrations. The next time you have a birthday, maybe we should stop right before the cake and not allow you to eat it because other people have birthdays and are starving all over the world.

      This is your version of a self-fulfilling ‘prophecy.’ God does something good as He always does but it is not good enough for your perceived needs even though you don’t believe in Him anyway. So you use that as an excuse to continue not believing in Him.

      Now that God cleared the air for us in that instance, we can focus on praying for you. Also, I believe that you know deep down inside that God exists, He created you and loves you. Shaking your fist at Him will not change that fact. It’s your move. Respond to God or live in the fantasy world of atheism.


      • Thanks for answering the question. It is good to finally have a dialogue with you folks after more than a year of attempts to reach through to you.

        My question to you was not a “tactic” because I doubt my non-belief, and it is certainly not an excuse to continue not believing in your God. You did get one thing right: it highlights my frustration – my frustration with folks like you who think saying a few words to the sky are being answered and affect you in some way, without any other evidence except your perception that the prayer was answered because the desired outcome was achieved.

        And please do not say that atheists really, deep down, believe in God – that is deeply offensive to atheists and only underscores your misunderstanding of what atheism is.

        Finally, the projection you display. My goodness! Atheism is not a “fantasy world” – it is a world where facts and reality matter, unlike the world view that you have chosen to obscure your vision with.

        I look forward to your longer formulated response that you are working on so that I can respond to that in kind.

        Anthony Magnabosco
        Twitter: @magnabosco

        • You are welcome. We will be posting a longer response on Tuesday as a separate blog, and hope to continue the discussion from there. Thanks and have a good weekend.

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