Sea Anemones, Sea Slugs, and an Amazing Missile System

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Life in the sea is filled with beauty, intrigue, and evidence for an amazing Creator. Sea anemones and sea slugs are beautiful from an artist’s standpoint, giving good evidence of the Master Artist Who created them. And it gets better! Note the tentacles of the sea anemone: Positioned at the end of each tentacle is a special missile system. It is a spring loaded, poison-tipped dart capsule that sports a trap door and a trigger. When a fish brushes the trigger, the trap door opens and the missile fires. That fish now becomes a good lunch for the sea anemone! Since missiles don’t happen by accident, they give good evidence of a Designer.

The evidence goes even deeper when the unique relationship between the sea anemone and the sea slug is explored. Note that the sea slug also has tentacles. However, it has no ability to manufacture a poison missile system of its own. Of course, with all those deadly missiles, you wouldn’t want to eat the sea anemone. However, the sea slug does, darts and all. 

Due to a simple chemical reaction, the missiles don’t fire. Instead they are transported from the stomach of the sea slug to the end of its own tentacles. Once in place, the sea slug is now armed and ready!

  WOW! The sea slug is a creature that pirates another’s missile system and uses it for its own! How could that have happened by accident? It shows evidence of a Master Designer! (For additional notes about these creatures with more pictures, see the Kid’s Page, Sea Anemones and Sea Slugs.)


Predator-Prey Relationships and the Bible? 


When you see creatures like the sea slug which are uniquely equipped to pirate a missile system, or when you see the power of a lion bringing down its prey, you might wonder how that fits with the “very good” creation described in the Bible. That is a valid question, but it is answered by considering the “Fall” as described in Genesis 3. When sin entered into the world, it brought the consequence of thorns, thistles, and death. In fact, the whole creation still groans from the impact of man’s sin (Rom. 8:22).  Consequently, we still see many elements of that beautiful design, but the “very good” creation is now marred and scarred.

This “Fall” did not take God by surprise. I believe that in His foreknowledge and grace, He had everything in place because He knew what would happen. To keep things in balance, He not only provided for creatures to eat in a fallen world, but also to keep from being eaten. He did that in unique ways that truly exhibit His master design.

By Lanny Johnson

Originally published in the January/February 2009 Think and Believe newsletter.

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