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The Bionic Car

When I first saw a picture of the Mercedes-Benz bionic concept vehicle, I had to laugh. In my view, it was quite comical, as far as cars go. All humor aside though, the boxy, rectangular body of the Bionic Car is a very efficient design.

As it turns out, the engineers at Mercedes-Benz were looking for a new aerodynamic design in a car. They found their inspiration in the tropical boxfish (Ostracion Cubicus) that lives in warm ocean waters. Although the rather large body of the boxfish appears to be cumbersome, it is able to swim very fast because of its low coefficient of drag and rigid exoskeleton.

The BoxfishBy modeling their concept car from the overall shape of the boxfish, the engineers designed a vehicle that had one of the lowest co-efficient of drag ever tested.

The 2005 model of the Bionic Car was able to reach a top speed of 118 miles per hour, while getting an astounding 70 miles per gallon fuel economy. Not only does the aerodynamic shape give the car a highly efficient fuel performance, its rectangular frame adds stability.

Once again, through biomimicry, engineers have examined God’s creation and applied what they have learned to make efficient products we can use.


Lanny Johnson

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  1. Larry,

    And once again, you have made the claim that people are copying “God’s work”. No, humans are copying NATURE. Big difference. And by the way, it’d by nice if you allowed my comments once in a while.

    Anthony Magnabosco

    • We would love to post your comments if they were actually legitimate arguments based on the content of the blogs and articles and not just ad hominem attacks without any support. It is not a conversation that goes anywhere or helps debate the issue, and it really doesn’t make you look very good to most readers. Thanks for reading the blogs. By the way, the name is Lanny. Thanks.

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