Scientific Laws and the Big Bang

Scientific Laws and the Big Bang

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Has Science and the Scientific Method been misused? The following is an excerpt taken from “Truth and Science – Is Real Science At Risk?” an article by Dr. Arv Edgeworth*.  Ponder the questions he poses at the end, and consider – are these viable questions that should be asked, and if they are being asked today or have been asked in the past?

The Origin of Space, Time, Matter, and Energy

The idea that space, time, matter, and energy have always existed has been pretty much rejected by the scientific community, because the Second Law of Thermodynamics  indicates matter and energy are deteriorating.  Matter and energy would have already reached maximum decay by now, so just about everyone no longer considers that idea a viable possibility.  Almost all scientists today believe the universe had a beginning.

Northern Illinois University – Department of Biological Sciences states it this way: “Starting from the beginning, as it is currently thought of:  the Universe came into being about 15 billion years ago, with the sudden appearance of all the matter and energy in the Universe as a single very hot and dense point: the Big Bang.  How this happened, and what came before, is a matter of complete speculation.  Our history began then, and we have no scientific evidence of anything before then.”

But what about the idea that at one time there was a state of absolute “nothingness”?  It is now determined that the universe had a beginning.  At one point there was no space, time, matter, or energy. 

Newton’s Law of Inertia

This law indicates that if something is in a state of rest, it will remain in that state, unless acted upon by an outside agent.  If something is in uniform motion in a straight line, it will remain in that state unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed upon it from without, such as gravity.

At one point there was supposed to be a state of perfect “nothingness,” or perfect “rest.”  According to the Law of Inertia, that should not change unless it is acted upon by an outside force, or agent, when supposedly none existed. 

The Law of Cause and Effect

The Law of Cause and Effect is one of the best documented principles of science and of everyday experience.  “Behind every effect is a cause, greater and more complex than the effect itself.”  The proposal of the Big Bang Theory indicates an effect only.  What is that “cause” that is greater and more complex than the effect itself?

Are these reasonable questions that should be asked?

1. “Scientifically, can you have an explosion without energy?”

2.  “If there was no matter, what exploded?”

3.  “According to the First Law of Thermodynamics , can something come from nothing?”


These are good questions Dr. Arv Edgeworth has posed. A question I would add – is the evolutionary cosmology of the Big Bang based on Science or on Faith?

Some suggested further reading on these Laws of Science can be found at:




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