The Bursting of Nothing

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For 20 some years I believed in the evolutionary cosmology of the Big Bang, but today, after looking at the supposedly “scientific evidence,” I have rejected that cosmology and now believe 100% in the statement, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1). And because of my belief today, I have sometimes been mocked and ridiculed – under the guise of “science.”

Secular cosmology today teaches: “The universe burst into something from absolutely nothing – zero, nada. And as it got bigger, it became filled with even more stuff that came from absolutely nowhere.” (DISCOVER, April 2002). In other words, a big explosion created everything from NOTHING!*

The North American Space Agency (NASA) contends: “The Big Bang Theory is the dominant scientific theory about the origin of the universe. According to the big bang, the universe was created sometime between 10 billion and 20 billion years ago from a cosmic explosion that hurled matter in all directions.”

The key to evolutionary cosmology seems to be that if you leave NOTHING alone long enough it will eventually explode. Consider … can an explosion create space, time, matter, and energy? You can’t have an explosion without energy, and you can’t have an explosion without something (matter) to explode, and the explosion can’t happen in some point of time, if time does not yet exist!

Others have proposed a “vacuum fluctuation” as an explanation for the beginning of the universe, where in a moment of time, in a spot no bigger than a dime; a fluctuation in nothing created all the matter and flung it out into space.

However, this idea also has the same problems – a vacuum is the absence of matter, and a fluctuation requires energy, neither of which was supposedly yet in existence.

The beginning of the universe was not a natural event … nothing exploding is certainly not natural! Nothing can’t do anything by itself without help – the help of a supernatural being or force. That force was God … a Creator who can speak into existence all things out of nothing.

No, my belief in God the Creator is not based on science – but neither was my previous evolutionary beliefs. Both must be taken by faith!

*Ideas for this blog derived from by Dr. Arv. Edgeworth.


Lanny Johnson

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