Plant Evidence of Creation

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Evolutionists writing about plants, contend that plants “evolved” over a period of millions of years.  James Brackenbury, in his book, Insects and FlowersA Biological Partnership (p.9) wrote, “More than a hundred million years ago the plant kingdom discovered (emphasis mine) that as far as its relationship with insects were concerned, fair exchange was no robbery.  Insects could be duped into rendering a service, i.e., pollination, as long as they were offered a suitable reward.”

Brackenbury documents a number of fascinating relationships between various plants and the pollinating insects that visit them.  He implies that these unique co-dependent relationships “evolved” because the plants in some way decided to change.  The author goes on to say, in his bewilderment,” There is no knowing exactly where this chicken-and-egg race began…”

Another fascinating book, Plantwatching, by Malcolm Wilkins, discusses many additional remarkable plants, focusing on, among other things, their unusual life styles, pollination methods, and their sensitivity to touch. Wilkins, discussing the unique ability of Venus Fly Trap in capturing and digesting insects in its claw-like leaves, asserts:” …it appears that evolution has ‘tuned’ the plant’s capabilities very precisely indeed to its environment and needs.” (P. 139)

One exceptional pollination system he discusses (pp. 142-3) involves the Australian orchid, Stylidium, which strangely resembles a female wasp.  He chronicles the mating attempt of the male wasp with the orchid, describing the phenomenon.

 It seems that the male wasps appear about two weeks prior to the females, and these males are ready to mate.  Wilkins contends that the plant has “evolved” to take advantage of this difference in time, not only becoming similar to the female wasp, but also emitting an odor that strongly resembles that of female wasps seeking to mate.

These female wasps do not have wings, so they must climb to the top of a grass or similar plant, where they emit their alluring odor to attract the male wasps.  However, before the females appear, the counterfeit odor Stylidium orchids emit attracts the male wasps.

The male wasp, deceived into thinking the plant is a female, lands on the part of the plant which strongly resembles his female counterpart.  Instantly, a “spring-loaded ‘elbow’ joint reacts and hurls the bewildered wasp head-over-heels onto the orchid’s column, a part that contains both the male stamens and the female stigma.

When the bewildered wasp recovers, he gradually crawls out of his predicament and unwittingly carries with him the two pollinia, bag-like aggregates of pollen.  These have become firmly attached to the back of the wasp’s head, and when it visits other flowers of this species, the pollen bags are transferred in exactly the same manner to the second plant’s stigmatic column.  Pollination is effected.

When the female wasps finally emerge, up to two weeks later, they climb to the top of nearby vegetation and signal their desire to the male wasps.  Reacting to the alluring fragrance of the females, the male wasps easily distinguish the genuine from the fake and totally ignore the orchids.  Wilkins says, “…there can be no better example of the exploitation of animals by plants than this gigantic botanical confidence trick!”

Have these plants really “evolved” over millions of years, as these authors claim?  We who believe in creation maintain that Earth is only thousands of years old, not billions as claimed by evolutionists.  That leaves little, if any, time for so-called “evolution” to occur, even if it could.

No, it is easier and more logical to accept the Biblical account that tells us plants were created by God on the third day of creation (Genesis 1:11-12).  Although the Bible doesn’t say for sure, insects were most likely created later, possibly on the sixth day, the same time land animals were made (Genesis 1:26-27).  The pollination systems of plants and their insect visitors is logical evidence of creation by a Designer, rather than millions of years of evolution.

Romans 1:20 tells us:  “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power of Godhead; so that they are without excuse.”  Those who have no room for God in their lives cannot see God in nature, and they must find some other explanation to explain this marvel; so they naturally gravitate toward the theory of evolution.

Thus, we can look at these “mysteries” that confuse the wise, and we can see in plants meticulous design – evidence there was a Master Designer.  We can observe the beauty an omnipotent and loving God made for our enjoyment and enlightenment.  We can see confirmation of His genius in creation.  The design we observe we in this pollination system and in other unique features of the plants SCREAMS CREATION rather than evolution.


By Stephen B. Austin

Originally published in the May/June 1998 Think and Believe newsletter.

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