My Fake Fireplace

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This winter, I got an electric fireplace. It operates as a “fake fire-light show” merely for ambience, but also has a great infra-red heater when that portion is turned on.

I was talking with my son as I took the traditional pose of backing up to the fire and warming myself by fake flames. The heating unit was turned off. However, even though there was no heat, my mind was trying to tell me there was. After all, past experience has taught me that fireplaces and campfires produce heat. I laughed at the moment of living in unreality as I realized what I was doing. My son was also about to say that I should stand back from it as I was blocking the heat.

Oh, how our minds play tricks on us.  My 3 year old grandson, Samuel, gave us another example of that this morning. He came out dressed in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. He said he was tired of winter and liked summer better. So maybe if he wore this it would make it be summer.  I like that and wished it would work, as I also prefer warm over cold.

All this is to say that some evolutionists believe in evolution in order to get around the reality that there is a Creator God. Their reasoning is frequently in contradiction to the obvious evidence for Creation. For instance, the chance of evolving a cell by accident is worse than producing a jet airplane by a tornado sweeping through a junkyard. Also, evolutionists should weigh carefully just how nothing, or no information, could produce all of the encyclopedic and precise information contained in our DNA. It is not reality, but If you don’t really think about it, you can trick you brain into believing it was possible by using “if- maybe” arguments. If you can do that without flinching, then make sure you buy an electric fireplace. Perhaps you can even turn off your furnace and the heating element and save a lot of money on fuel bills. Then as you bask in the fake “flames” and conjure up just so-so evolutionary arguments, make sure you put on shorts and a T-Shirt.


Dave Nutting

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