Magic-Wand of Naturalism

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I just read an article about a young man who is campaigning to make sure all schools, including private and Christian schools, that receive any state money such as vouchers, would not be allowed to include creation in science. This person was arguing that only evolution fits the criteria of science: observable, naturalistic, testable, falsifiable, and expandable… which he thinks “is everything that creationism is not.”

Notice that he added and subtracted from the classical criteria of science, which is: Science is observable, testable, repeatable, and falsifiable.

Naturalistic is added: Just by adding that word to a definition of science, he has already defined creation, intelligent design, or anything except atheism, totally out of science. This is a frequent ploy to try to discredit our position and everything we say. Since we are not “naturalistic,” we can’t be scientists and must have a religious bias. That redefinition of science has mainly surfaced in the last 30 years. Today it is regularly used as a bludgeon to keep creation and intelligent design out of the science classroom.

Repeatable is left out. Evidently he is well aware that evolution is not repeatable (but neither is creation), so he left that out. Why? We can’t wait millions of years to see evolution repeat itself.

For the same reason and since no one was around to see it happen, neither cell-man evolution or creation is observable, testable, or even falsifiable.

Expandable is added. I find that interesting since it is not usually mentioned as an earmark of science. However, it is very fitting for evolution since a new fix-it-patch has to be applied to evolutionary theory frequently as new anti-evolution data surfaces. This has been especially true with much of the latest data on the genome project causing evolutionists to scramble faster than someone dodging bullets in a war zone. (See for those articles.)

By the way, I suggest that all four of the classical tests for science certainly “is everything that evolution is not.”  “Naturalistic” and “expandable” are the only ones he listed that would qualify for what evolution “is” all about. However, even “expandable” would not often be naturalistic, because it frequently takes a “magic wand” to explain the anti-evolution data away.


Dave Nutting

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