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Have you ever been totally perplexed about something, and then discovered the answer was so simple you wondered, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  Unfortunately, too many people reject the Bible because it seems to contradict “science,” or because they just can’t imagine answers to their questions.  Even Christians who claim to believe the Scriptures are often troubled by these supposedly “irreconcilable” difficulties and wonder if they can really trust the Scriptures.  Sometimes, the answers are quite simple, though – we may just not have thought of them yet.

For example, we’re often asked, “How could Noah get so many animals on such a little boat?”  People reject the Biblical account without ever seriously checking it out.  If they did, they would realize the immensity of the ark.  Based on the dimensions of the ark given in Genesis and some very reasonable assumptions as to numbers of animals and the needed amount of space, food, and water, there was plenty of room for everything that needed to be on board.  (See T&B 3:2)  Even with these calculations, though, many people ask, “What about the dinosaurs?  How could they fit?”  Actually, even the largest known dinosaur would have fit on the ark, but it seems reasonable to assume that God would have brought younger, smaller individuals.  Remember, dinosaurs are thought to have hatched from eggs smaller than a football.  Some amount of time must have been needed to grow to the very large sizes we find in the fossil record.

Another frequent question is:  If the whole earth was covered with water, where is all that water today?  A quick look at a globe reveals an awful lot of blue!  In fact, almost three fourths of our world today is covered with water.  Some calculations have shown that if you could “smooth out” the surface of the earth, there would be enough water in the oceans to cover the earth with a blanket of water 1-2 miles deep.

Then there’s the favorite question of skeptics:  Who was Cain’s wife?  After all, the Bible says God made Adam and Eve, and they had two sons, Cain and Abel. Can killed Abel, but then you read of Cain taking a wife.  Where did she come from?  Here a careful reading of Scripture provides a reasonable solution.  Genesis 5:4 says, “Adam and Eve had other sons and daughters.”  Cain must have married a sister (or a niece).  But, wouldn’t that lead to genetic deformities in the next generation as often occurs today in close marriages?  Probably not, since Cain’s generation would have had a much purer gene pool then we have today after so many years of accumulation of harmful mutations.

These are just a few of the questions skeptics throw out to challenge the Scriptures.  Over the years, there have been scores of accusations charging errors and inconsistencies in the Bible.  However, through it all, the Bible has stood the test of time, and the critics have gone to their graves.  God’s Word is true – It never changes!  So, the next time you hear a charge against the Bible, stand firm, trust God, and wait.  As has happened hundreds of times before, the Word of God will still be standing when all is said and done.

By Dave & Mary Jo Nutting

Originally published in the May/June 1996 Think and Believe newsletter.

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