Those Important Ants

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My wife has a real problem with ants that move into the house. She has ant traps tucked all over the house (hiding them as best she can from the grandkids) and anti-ant powder sprinkled next to the foundation wherever she suspects they might sneak inside. It is not that she dislikes ants … she just doesn’t like them getting into our food supply.

I am not an ant expert, but I have identified 5 different varieties of ants on our property. Four of these live in the ground … very tiny black ants (these are the ones that like to move into the house), medium size black ants, large black ants and large red ants. We also have at least one variety that is very large and lives in our globe willow tree (carpenter ant?).

The sheer number of ants in the world is truly amazing. Scientists have estimated that there are about 10 million billion ants in the world – more than there are amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals combined.1

God created ants with important useful functions.  Here are just a few those skills:

  • They can be gardeners, scattering and planting more seeds than any other creature.
  • They dispose of 90% of small dead animals.
  • They turn, drain, and enrich most of the earth’s soil (more than earthworms).

We might think ants are pests most of the time, but they have a very significant role in maintaining a healthy earth.

1Most information in this blog from


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