University Student: Change in Gene Frequency = Evolution

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Mary Jo & I recently had 2 weeks of speaking at 3 universities in Minnesota. We had about 1.5 hours of presentations each night, then at least as long, or longer, times of questions and answers.

We had a lot of good interest and quite a few students expressed their gratitude that we came to speak. Several said the programs were a big help and a breath of fresh air. Of course, as usual, we had our “fan club” of die-hard atheists who came to protect their turf! That always made for lively discourse.

One skeptic said that evolution is basically changes in gene frequency. Therefore, since this is happening daily, it demonstrates that evolution is true. First of all, that is a very narrow definition of evolution and cannot be extrapolated to prove cells can turn into people. The different dog breeds from Chihuahuas to Great Danes do demonstrate changes in gene frequency, but not evolution in the broader sense. The reason for this is that the genetic information for the different breed characteristics is already present in the genetic pool of the basic dog kind. When dog breeders are at work, they are selecting traits that are already exhibited in the genetic pool. So, we can say there is no evolution because there is no new genetic “stuff.” It was already there. Evolutionists have to explain where all that genetic variability came from in the first place.

In fact, evolutionists have to explain how no genetic information in the very raw material that “accidentally” formed the first cell managed to expand to the millions of volumes of encyclopedic genetic information that is in the DNA of each human cell. This has always been a nagging difficulty for evolutionists.

It is pure speculation that the type of minor variations, such as those observed in the various characteristics of dog breeds, could potentially mount up over vast eons of time to allow goo to turn into you by way of the zoo. So rather than a demonstration of evolution, the extrapolation of the data is merely a demonstration of the faith of the evolutionist.


Dave Nutting

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