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Have you ever taken your car to a mechanic to have it repaired, only to have it quit “ailing” as soon as you get it to the shop? The mechanic then has the problem of trying to fix something that isn’t showing symptoms, and has to base his diagnosis on hearsay.

I had something similar happen to me just recently with my work computer. It was freezing up and jumping from window to window. I tried several fixes on my own, but to no avail, and so I took it to a computer repair shop. After backing up all the documents, the first thing the technician did was reinstall Windows 7, which meant losing all the downloaded programs on the computer. He then ran the computer, which seemed to be working fine.

So I took the computer home, put it to work, only to discover it was still doing the same things as before. So it was back to the shop for another diagnosis. Next try was turning a sensitive motion detector off and resetting the main “bios”. I then took it home to find out it was still not working.

So it was back to the shop to replace the memory with some spare memory the technician had on hand. Home again to discover it was still not working. Only thing that hadn’t been changed at this point was the hard drive (that actually tested to be working fine) so we changed it out.

Again, everything was working fine at the shop, but as soon as I got it home and hooked everything up … same problem. So back to the shop to put the other hard drive back in (it still had reloaded documents on it) to save time.  After rebooting the computer, it finally showed the ailing symptoms. It took awhile, but we finally traced down the culprit … it was the software of my mouse! After uninstalling the software, and getting a new mouse, the problem was solved.

Now I am working on getting several key programs working (that worked before, but not now) to get back up to full speed. I have to admit that computer technology has made it easier for communication and developing and presenting information, but sometimes the stress they produce can be borderline exasperating!


Lanny Johnson

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