Junk DNA ‘Junked’ – No Surprise To Me

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As scientists study living organisms, they continue to find increasing complexity.  This is what scientists discovered when they studied the human genome in the project called ENCODE, short for Encyclopedia of DNA Elements.  As I was reading an article on the ENCODE project by Malcolm Ritter (an AP Science Writer) at denverpost.com and other articles similar to it, I was amazed at what your worldview or presuppositions will do to how you look at life.  Let me explain.

The article talked about junk DNA, but what is junk DNA?  Well, according to research, only about 2 percent of our genome actually codes for proteins.  Thus, according to evolutionary scientists, the DNA which does not code for proteins was called junk.  This junk DNA was believed to be nonfunctional, and leftovers from the process of evolution. This belief about junk DNA is very similar to evolutionary teaching about vestigial organs.

As scientists studied the human genome they were surprised.  Below are some quotes from the article.

“The work also shows that at least 80 percent of the human genetic code, or genome, is active. That’s surprisingly high and a sharp contrast to the idea that the vast majority of our DNA is junk.”

“The big surprise is just how much activity there is,” he said. “It’s a jungle.”

“The findings, reported Wednesday by more than 500 scientists, reveal extraordinarily complex networks that tell our genes what to do and when, with millions of on-off switches.”

Not only were they surprised to find most of the genome is active, they were also amazed at the complexity.

This is where our worldview affects how we view life.  Using my life as an example, I was taught evolution in school and college.  I had no concept of creation science.  I was taught life evolved from simple elements and a process that involved no intelligence.  With this worldview, or presupposition, life should be very simple and primitive, with a lot of leftovers from an imprecise process.   But over millions of years, life would ever evolve into more complex creatures.  So with the discovery of vast complexity and information in living organisms, it was a surprise.

Today I have a different worldview or presupposition.  I have a Biblical creationist worldview.  According to Scripture, God is a being who is omniscient and omnipotent.  This means He is all knowing, all powerful, and I would assume a very intricate designer.  In Romans 1:20, His creation, especially in living organisms,  reflects some of His attributes.  With this presupposition, all living organisms should be very complex and full of information.  God is a perfect being, so in the beginning all organs and DNA were perfect and had a function.  But sin entered the world and now this perfect world is in a state of ageing and deterioration.  In this state of deterioration, some organs and DNA may not function as they were originally designed.

So when I read articles like ENCODE, I am not surprised the evidence fits with my world view.  I believe we will discover even more complexity and information in living organisms.  What is so exciting is that God, being the Master Engineer and Designer, has incorporated advance technology and design into His creation.  We need to study and research His creation so we can advance our knowledge and technology for the betterment of mankind.

With a Biblical creation worldview, it should inspire all of us to advance our scientific knowledge of God’s creation.  We can learn much from an all knowing God!  And by the way, God does not make junk!  You are His special creation!


Rich Stepanek

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